Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vintage Addams

Remember when your folks got a TV Guide in the mail?

Wow. Really dating myself! :)

Via Comics Beat.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Books and Movies

I'm in the midst of my making season for my Halloween shows. For inspiration and company, I usually watch a horror/Halloween movie as I'm decorating my pieces. 

It occurred to me that I have quite a list of favorites, so I decided to create a new Pinterest board just for them: The Horror.

It includes Hallowe'en-themed horror, old-school slasher films, B-movies, suspense, horror comedy, ghost stories and thrillers. All of them have played at my house at one time or another.

So if you're looking for some Hallowe'en to kick off your summer build season, click here for your inspiration and check back from time to time, as I'm adding new movies as I remember them!

I also have a great collection of books, which are my go-to's for those long winter nights -- and long summer days! I call it My Scary Bookshelf. I'm adding to it as well, so be sure to check it every so often for new ideas!

Happy watching/reading!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Midsummer Scream

This new convention just keeps getting better and better! Just added: Oingo Boingo Dance Party!
From their newsletter:
We're excited to announce that our Saturday night costume party will be headlined by members of the band synonymous with Halloween in Southern California: Oingo Boingo! Now performing as Oingo Boingo Dance Party, the group will play favorites such as "Dead Man's Party", "Weird Science," "Only A Lad," and "No One Lives Forever."
The 21+ party will also feature a Best and Worst of the '80s Costume Contest, with prizes awarded for those portraying '80s styles, pop and horror icons, or anyone else from the decade. Additional prizes will be awarded for categories including "most frightening costume" and "best horror themed cosplay."
Tickets are 50% off through Friday the 13th as part of our pre-sale, so don't delay!

For the die-hard Oingo Boingo fans, we also have a meet and greet package (aka The Tender Lumpling Experience) which includes a commemorative t-shirt, photo with the band, autographs, and admission to the party. Only a limited number available. Pricing and details here.
Of course, I have tickets, since I'll be vending there! Hope to see you in Long Beach!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Art is Long--

--and time is fleeting.
So, by all means, make art!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Nouveau Skellies

More art by Mathius Lopes "Mathiole" here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

West Coast Haunters Convention - Post Mortem

It was another wonderful, alcohol-soaked time at West Coast Haunters Convention this year! Such a fun time seeing everyone and knowing we were at such a fantastic charity event for the Oregon School for the Deaf!

The "Canadian Embassy," as we like to call our hoser haunters who visit from the Great White North, took up residence on the 13th floor of the Doubletree Hotel in Portland, where the event was held. As always, they outdid themselves in the hotel room makeover department...
The Davis Graveyard crew and their helpers did a great job of spookifying the 13th and 14th floors, too...
Chris Aype having a drink at the Canadian Embassy.
 I didn't get a bunch of pictures of the show floor, but I did get this one:
I didn't get the whole story on this, but to my knowledge this wheelchair modification was built by someone who had been taking classes at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. I just love it!
 Of course, the annual Nerf dart war was had on the show floor...
 And the Costume Ball once again amazed and inspired all who attended.
Yes, this was a functioning costume!
The Davis Graveyard crew, having their mug shots taken.
And I got to catch up with blog buddy, Sean Covernton. 
 My "Jaws" costume made a big splash, too!
 And at the end of it all, the Festival of Frights drive-in double feature happened on Sunday night. Chris Aype was in attendance with his pal, Aimee.
You really must plan to come next year!

For more outrageous pictures, go to the West Coast Haunters Convention Facebook Page. Scroll around and have fun!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Heading to Portland!

Home of Voodoo Donuts and the Unipiper, Portland, Oregon is also the home of the West Coast Haunters Convention!

I've shipped my product (hopefully, the breakables have arrived unbroken), I've packed my bags (and prayed I haven't forgotten anything vital) and will be setting up my booth on the convention floor later this afternoon.

Looking forward to seeing old friends, making new friends, and attending the West Coast's best costume ball!
 If you come out, be sure to stop by the ShellHawk's Creations booth!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Still in Paradise!

It's been beautiful so far! I've been catching up on sleep, getting a little sun (it's been raining a bunch , since we're on the wet side of the island), eating well, walking and working out.
And relaxing. Lots of relaxing. 
Chickens are ubiquitous on Kauai!
I have a hard time relaxing at home, as there is always something to do. When I'm away, I have no excuse!

We lucked out and got tickets to a benefit concert for the local elementary school that G Love and Donavon Frankenreiter were doing! Such a great concert, and all the locals from Hanalei and the surrounding areas came out. The ladies dressed to the nines, and the guys looked pretty great, too!
I bought a new dress for the occasion, which was held at the gorgeous St. Regis in Princeville. It was an incredibly magical night!

Well, back to relaxing!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

On Vacation...

We're taking a long-needed break in Kauai. We've both been working our tails off, plus 2015 brought some unforeseen challenges, so we deserve it! I got some shopping in yesterday after hitting the resort's gym (I feel pretty proud about sticking to my fitness program!), had a wonderful plate of coconut shrimp and mango chutney for lunch, got to see a Pacific Golden Plover in full breeding colors (which we don't get to see in California, because they don't breed there) and got to see a ton of the endangered Nene goose... It's been a good week!

Today we're off to see the botanical gardens and maybe get a little birding in. Mr. ShellHawk has his cap set to see the sky lark, so it's off for an adventure in birds!

But not until I work this plan to move to the Big Island for a year with him... ;)
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