Friday, October 31, 2014

Rules for Tonight

Season's Greetings!

Click on the pic to see a wonderful short film by Michael Dougherty.

This is Halloween!

Happy Hallowe'en, my Darklings! Click on the pic for a nifty Hallowe'en playlist!

The Haunted House

I heard this the other day for the very first time. I think it catches the haunter's imagination well, don't you?

Click on the pic to watch and listen...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Get Rain in the Middle of a Drought

Seriously. Worst drought in California in years

Lakes drying up. 

The warning that many places in California will be out of water in 18 months or less.

Wells running dry.

Why then, is there rain on Hallowe'en freaking night?! Could it not have waited one more day? Seriously?



A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Zocalo Public Square to write an article on Home Haunting 101. I was really taken aback that a news agency would be interested in lil' ol' me, but there you have it!

After a few back and forths with the editors, the article was born and now published! Hooray!

Please head over there and leave a comment if you can. I'd like to know someone besides my dad has read it! 

And a big, big thank you to those who have inspired me through the years. They include but are not limited to, SpookyBlue, the first guy to comment on my blog way back in 2008, Pumpkinrot, the other Master of paper mache, The Davis Graveyard, incredible Haunters and all around good humans, House Bloodthorn, keeper of Miss Rose, and the House at Haunted Hill, the epitome of great story in a haunt.

I also want to thank you, who read this blog, comment, or lurk, for continuing to inspire me with your support! Thanks, guys. You rock!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just a Reminder

Just a quick reminder that I still have some Dark Candles Collection packs available at a discount on my eBay store! I also have those darling little voodoo string dolls at a discount.

These are going to be pulled out of my store after the 1st, so if you're interested, now's the time to buy!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Haunted Hallway

I caught this over on 'Rot's site. The Haunted Hallway.

How it trips off the tongue: "The Haunted Hallway."
I am so envious of those kids, getting treated to 'Rot's efforts! And a school getting to do an old-school Hallowe'en? Not a "Harvest Festival?" Priceless!
 I love living in California, but the "P.C."-ness of it all sometimes drives me batty. Like banishing Hallowe'en and not letting kids wear costumes.

I find myself yearning for someone to tell "them" all to "go pound sand! We're doing this Hallowe'en thing!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What is Missed?

So someone from an internet news agency contacted me to write an article about haunting your house, and it looks like the Sacramento Bee may also run it! Yay, me!

One of the questions they wanted me to answer was: What do you miss most about your childhood Hallowe'en?

Since I was little during the 1970s, it was pretty easy to remember the fun things about those days. Planning your costume for a month in advance was huge! Bags of handmade treats from your neighbors, because you were pretty sure they weren't going to try to kill you with them. Actual trick or treat bags, not pillowcases. Running around at night with your friends instead of being taken to a bouncy house (not that bouncy houses were invented back then!) or the abomination that is trunk or treat!

I can also distinctly remember the Hallowe'en carnival we had at my grade school.

Yes, folks. A Hallowe'en carnival! Not a harvest fair or festival. A real, live, honest-to-God Halloween Carnival! Pre-politically correct b.s. re-naming of a holiday to make the killjoys happy. (I hear that the Harvest Festival is under attack, too, but there you go. Give the two or three people who are offended an inch, and they'll chew your damn arm off.)

I went onto Facebook and asked the question of a number of folks. Here are their responses:
  • The smell of those masks from the '70s!
  • Being able to eat treats that were homemade by neighbors.
  • The thrill and fun of being out trick r treating with your friends on Halloween night
  • My entire family gathering at my grandmother's old house all day to dress it up and then put on the biggest yard haunt in Venice CA.
  • I miss spending days figuring out what my costume was going to be.
  • The butterfly feeling in my stomach as Halloween approached. Also riding my bike through piles of leaves.
  • The plastic masks and aprons.
  • All the plotting, planning, and negotiating that went into deciding on a costume and, then, having a gigantic bag of candy to show for your efforts once the evening ended.
  • I miss 2 nights of trick-or-treat and it going later than 8:00.
  • I also miss the Imagineering products: Scar Stuff, Vampire teeth, blood etc...
  • Egging houses
What do you miss about your childhood Hallowe'en? Please leave a comment!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


A little Halloween pumpkin adorableness. Click below.
It's like Cousin It is speaking! So cute!