Sunday, April 16, 2023

2023 - 0 Stars. Would Not Recommend

The short version is that a bunch of people in my life died within a six-week period and the aftermath is, well, just a lot to deal with. Hiding in bed, while effective for short periods of time, is not a sustainable option!

But life goes on, right?

After the rains let off, I started to get back out to making things, this time with a specific market in mind.

These particular cups will have some Dungeons and Dragons-related phrases on their medallions! I have some new glaze combinations to play with and I am so excited to be able to offer these soon! There's a game shop close by and I'm going to take a few over there to see if perhaps they'd like to carry them. I haven't made the effort to get in a retail shop before, so it's a new adventure!

There's another nearby shop which expressed interest in my "just breathe" cups, so I made some to take over to them. The kiln is nearly full enough to run a bisque firing, and after that, it'll be at least a full day of agonizing over colors and glaze combinations, and then several more days of glazing and putting the glaze combos into my spreadsheet!

After that, there will be a shop update with some of the new bowls in addition to new cups!