Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A White House Halloween

The last Halloween for America's most powerful power couple...
 The theme was all about fantasy. The decorations were black and white.
 I've always loved how President Obama was such a mush with kids!
Click here for video.
Click here for more photos.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

We pretty much got rained out last night, but there were still some families who came out with their kids and enjoyed the holiday in spite of the rain. 

I was a bit bummed at the beginning of the evening, since it started with a fog machine feeder hose breaking when I pulled the cap off to fill the machine with fog fluid. I had my second one, so that worked out OK, but then, just when I got the projection effects set up (I had delayed because of the threat of rain, then decided to go ahead, anyway), it started to rain. So my singing pumpkins were just blank, inflatable pumpkin backs, instead of singing pumpkins. :o/ 
These pictures are from a week or two ago, when I was setting up. 
My neighbor, Spider Rider, had given me his old graveyard keeper, so at least there was a "new" prop for people to see. And of course, there were my old standby tombstones.
 I'm hoping that I can get around to doing a few more for next year, to mix it up!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's haunts and displays this year.

Meanwhile, it's November 1st.  The day after.