Saturday, December 29, 2012

The End of an Era

It's done. The Mighty Dodge sold yesterday.

Since we've been gone so much, I didn't put it back up for sale until I knew we'd be home for awhile. We got back from L.A. on the 26th, and I listed it on Craigslist the next day. In a day, I had two inquiries for it.

The first people to come see it turned out to be a couple who were looking for a car for their nineteen-year-old son. The father, it turns out, owns a number of older vehicles and maintains them himself. No tire-kicking for him! He went over the Dodge with a fine tooth comb before we even took it out for a drive. After talking it over with his wife and calling his son, he decided to take it. No negotiating or grumbling. Just the feeling of a good deal made on his side, and a feeling of relief on mine that she'd go to someone who could complete her restoration and love her like I do.

Another potential buyer had been on the way over, so I called him to let him know the car had sold. He asked to come by to see it anyway, just for curiosity's sake. When he got there, I was really glad I'd sold the car to the first people. He stalked around the car like he was still going to buy it, mumbling that it needed this or that work done and generally proving to everyone within hearing that he was, in fact, a complete and utter douche bag.

The couple left the car for a little while, saying they'd be back to pick it up. I wrote the new owner a note, telling him I was glad The Mighty Dodge had found such a good home and telling him the story of how she got her name. I hope he appreciated it!

My friends came over to help me drown my sorrows, and what would have been a morose night of tears and depression was made happier with good company and absolutely zero cocktail control.

I'll miss her, and part of me will always regret that she's gone, but I'll always be glad that she was such a huge part of my whole life, and that she went to a good home.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Touching Base

I'm back from L.A. and the annual Christmas visit; we had a great time and I even had a chance to meet up with haunter Derek Young! (Fantastic to talk "shop" with a fellow haunter, and discover that he and a friend are planning great things for 2013!)

I've re-opened the ShellHawk's Creations Etsy Store, so if you need to use a little of that Christmas money, you can. I have only two Jack ornaments left this season, just so you know.

Remember, I also have a few jack-o'lanterns left, if you wish to have one grinning at you in 2013. They're not listed on my Etsy site as of yet; check out the post here to find out what's still available.

We'll get back to our regular programming soon! I just have some catching up to do around the house as I've been gone for most of December!

Friday, December 21, 2012


Rick Baker's Bride giclee print here.
I've been in L.A. for a couple of days now, catching up with the 'rents and failing to connect with old friends (though meeting new ones has been cool!). While running around yesterday I made a stop over at Halloweentown in Burbank to check out the Tribute to Classic Monsters art show.

Holy cow! It's fantastic! All of the artwork done was wonderful, and I was enormously impressed by the amount of artistic talent gathered under one roof.

It turned out I was extra lucky in my timing, as there was a life-size sculpture of the Bride and the Monster, sitting on a settee, in the very front of the store. The artist had sold it, and came to break it down and deliver it to the buyer later that afternoon, so I was happy I showed up in the morning rather than putting the visit off to the afternoon. It was so beautifully done, I swear I expected to see a pulse in their throats!

By the way, I know it was gone by afternoon because I dragged my dad over to see it then!

If you live anywhere near Burbank, and you don't go see this free show, you lose your horror fan card. Forever!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just for Grins

Rot's new and creepy header...

It's great to see such a talented haunter and artist be recognized for his fiendish genius. Way to go, my brother from another mother!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Night of 1,000 Pumpkins

While I would love to see far more pics in the local paper of the pumpkins that were carved, it's good to know that there is a pumpkin celebration in my town. Even Intel (which has offices here in town) donated 500 pumpkins for the occasion! The above pic was taken on historic Sutter Street here in Folsom. 

More pics here and here.

Missing the holiday, already, even though it was so crazy!

Friday, December 14, 2012

I've been madly posting the ornaments you see above in my Etsy store, and many are gone, already! I've already posted my more mainstream ornaments on the site, too, and I'll be posting the jack-o'-lantern one here in a few minutes. I hope to get pics taken of my new bowls and pitchers, etc., so I can post those, too!

Remember that if you're a Hauntcast Minion, you can get a 15% discount at checkout when you buy from my shop.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


So I have a bit of a dilemma and I wanted your input.

A gal promised to buy the last of my jack-o'-lanterns for this season, which you see pictured above. As yet, she hasn't been able to do so, and has had to push back the purchase date twice. (She truly does have a valid reason.) Before I left on vacation, she had mentioned she'd buy them when I got back, no hurry, they'd just be in storage for the year, anyway.

Today I got a note saying to hold them (again) until the end of the month. I sighed regretfully and said that I'd need to sell the jacks because I need the cash, and I'd touch base with her at the end of the month and let her know what was left over. I got a note back saying it wasn't fair, and that they wouldn't sell in December, anyway.

So here's the dilemma: do I hold onto these for another month, or are there any buyers for these guys? I would need a real commitment to buy them. They'd run around $45 to $50, shipping included, and I'd need to get them shipped out before I leave for L.A. next Tuesday.

Any takers? Please leave a comment with your opinion, if nothing else. If you do want one, let me know which one you want. The one on the far left is already promised, but the others are available (the small red one will run for $28 with shipping.).

The third from the left and third from the right are now spoken for, in addition to the one on the far left.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Work in Progress

I've been working hard to get these ornaments done for y'all! (By the way, you'll be able to hang them right-side up!)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

There and Back Again

It's over. Two wonderful weeks in Hawaii are behind us, and it's time to figure out where in the hell that Tiki we bought is supposed to fit in our luggage! (And how we're supposed to get all the chocolate macadamia nut candies into our suitcases, too!)

Be that as it may, I wanted to let you know that I plan to hit the ground running and start glazing some more Christmas ornaments with a certain nightmare-ish skeleton face on them and hope to have them out of the kiln by the beginning of next week at the latest. I'll also be posting some of the other ornaments I have during this week, plus various and sundry bowls and pitchers and other hand made things that will make for great Solstice and Christmas gifts.

So stay tuned! I'll post them here as soon as I can!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hauntcast 44 - MERRY KRAMPUS!

Yes, my darling Darklings, the newest Hauntcast, Merry Krampus, dropped today, and as a special gift, you can now purchase each episode individually! Give a listen, my fiends!

Dave Dankanyin of Pandemic Cemetery and the Dead with Dave YouTube Show visits the dungeon.GHOULIE GROOVES:
Mike Fox of Verse 13 returns with his new album, Memories from the Grave.THE MARKETING MORGUE:
Dick Terhune opens a fresh drawer for your 2013 haunt marketing strategy.THE BONE PHONE:
Dick, Rev, Ed, Eric and Chris talk about their Haunt seasons.THE BESTIARY:
Revenant reveals the chapter on Spirits and Ghosts.THE CHARMED POT:
The Mistress of Mayhem presents the history and legend of Der Krampus.THE PROP SHOP:
Denhaunt nerds all over the floor for Google’s SketchUp.TERROR TURNPIKE:
Vyster revisits USS Nightmare in Louisville, KY., Dead Acres (a.k.a The Haunted Hoochie) in Pataskala, OH., and Dream Reapers in Melrose Place, IL.SOMETHING WICKED:
Wick-Ed Gannon wraps up this season with more useful info.MAD PROPS FOR PROPS:
Kudos galore for Jennifer Gillan-Keller’s Jack Skellington and Zero prop display.PLUS!…
Congratulations to our winners this month:$250 Web site from Darnknet Designs – Carol Robinson2013 Haunted Halloween Calendar – Vex FX LLL, Raymond Bruels, Julia Roach

Enjoy the show and Happy Holidaze from all of us here at Hauntcast!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ape's Dolphin Adventure

"How do you feel about a Banana Daquiri later?"
Christmas Ape, a.k.a. "Chris Aype" on Facebook, practices cross-species diplomacy. 

He says he really likes dolphins, even though they made his butt a little wet, and the wet frizzes his fur...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rick Baker Art Prints? It IS a Merry Christmas!

"In Memory Of" art print, signed, copyright Rick Baker
If you're a fan of Rick Baker and his makeup effects, you may be surprised to know the man can paint, too.

Halloweentown just had an opening for their "Tribute to Classic Monsters" art show (which will be in their Parlour Art Gallery until the end of December), and boy, this kind of event is one of the few things that makes me want to live in Burbank again!

Aside from some of the giants of the dark art world, such as Eric Pigors, Bob Lizarraga, Queenie, and Chet Zar, Rick Baker contributed a number of paintings to the show, some of which are available to purchase as signed giclees!

Unfortunately for me, I have about run out of wall space, and have nowhere to hang something this cool at the moment. I guess I'll need to put an addition on the house...

Well, back to my vacation! See you later!