Wednesday, May 8, 2024

New WIPs and News from the Nest

It's been slow going around here, because life has been busier of late! Even so, I've been chugging along, playing with new designs and putting some fun and whimsy into my work.

Am I reflecting my current mood? Maybe. Regardless, cussy cups are now on the menu!

It hasn't been all work, though. I took some time out to hit the Supernatural convention near my house and had a blast!


I indulged in a few photo ops, and they were worth every damn penny!

I don't generally fangirl, as I grew up in Los Angeles and have had lots of contact with people in the film industry, but getting to stand this close to Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was something else! Sweethearts, the both of them!

I absolutely adored Kim and Brianna! Kind and gracious, as were all the cast members I interacted with!

I'd like to add that my next ex-husband is looking mighty fine, too! ;) We had a couple of fun encounters, and he's just as much of a cinnamon roll/chaos goblin as you've heard!

Maybe I'll do this again next year? Stay tuned!