Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yes. Do Drink the Kool-Aid...

It's funny that my neighbors were initially a little spooked when the graveyard first went up a couple of years ago. Then offers of help came, and a few mannequin parts (which I haven't gotten around to using, yet) and now, this year, requests for their very own tombstones! A couple of the guys have offered to help make some cool cemetery columns, as well, which is great, as I prefer not to use power tools because I am dangerous!
They're drinking the Kool-Aid, and I am so stoked!
One gal is involved with the high school I run my display to donate to, and there's a strong possibility that with them and the help of the local Rotary, I'll be able to help the school set up a haunt of their own as their yearly fund raiser! 
Husband, who is not a haunter and keeps asking silly questions like "Where the Hell are we supposed to store all this stuff?!" Has even mentioned he might make the 2 1/2 hour drive to pick up pink foam for tombstones this year! I thought I might help the neighbors do something similar to these Haunted Mansion tombstones:
The two of them are so lovey, that these would be perfect for them! And of course, we all know, you can't stop with just two tombstones!
Perhaps my dream of having a block-long graveyard will actually come to pass!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hauntcast Update, Week Three: Get Chris Baker's Phone Number!

Week three update!

We are so very close to making this happen, boils and ghouls. Please, email, Facebook and Tweet (be sure to use #Halloween, #haunt, #ghostly at the end of your tweet to cast the net ever farther out, and include the web address for Hauntcast) all your haunt buddies and let them know this is happening. Post on the boards, Yahoo lists and anywhere else you can to spread the word so that in April, you'll have a new show to listen to. I've already got some segment ideas bubbling for the Charmed Pot!

A big thank you to all who have already subscribed and have spread the word. We really appreciate all the effort you've put into this resurrection effort and all of us are very humbled by your belief in us and your love for the show. 

I'm amazed at the diversity in our subscribers, too, btw. Jon Leong from Singapore just subscribed, and it turns out, he is quite the accomplished star in that neck of the woods!

Remember, the six months, no interest Pay Me Later Paypal promotion is ending tomorrow, so if it's easier for you to pay your Hauntcast subscription in increments of $16.66 a month, don't hesitate to get 'er done!

Keep it up, we only have until the 8th of March to nab that last 117 subscriptions!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

John Wolfe of Season of Shadows: Update

I got a note from John's friend, Goldie, and wanted to pass it along to you:
Hospice has been called in.  His nurse is a very gentle and loving soul and is a huge help to John and his parents right now.  John is now able to eat only 100 calories a day which consists of 4 bites of baby food and 3 oz of prune juice.  He is no longer drinking his cranberry juice.  It pains John greatly that he cannot drink water at all.  His love for water goes very deep and not able to drink water has been a painful part of this process for John.  He wanted me to remind everyone again of the TAP project:http://seasonofshadows.com/donate.htm  and to please help those in need of water around the world.

John estimates his weight around 95-100 pounds.  His organs are starting to shrink, he's having a hard time breathing and his panic attacks have returned.  He can still walk a little bit but it's very slow going and he must sit down right away.  He's really hanging on until his birthday, March 19 and it's defiantly looking as though John is living his last remaining few weeks on this planet.

Some of his fondest memories in his lifetime are that of his Halloween community in the last 5 years!!!  He's adored all of the friends he's made, all of the people he's met and he considers himself a lucky man for having us all in his life.  John wouldn't want his life to end any other way.  Sadly my next update to everyone will be of his passing.  I am in constant tears and can say no more.  Please take care of yourself and drink a tall glass of water for John.

Many Thanks, Goldie
Please take a moment to say a prayer (or send good thoughts or whatever you believe in) for fellow haunter John Wolfe and his family. He gave a lot to home haunters and he will be missed.

A Jack Lantern

Directions to make it here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bill Me Later

Just so y'all are aware, the Paypal Bill Me Later, no interest for 6 months promo ends in 4 days, so if you want to get a subscription to Hauntcast and qualify for the prizes and discounts it's best not to wait. Additionally, only the first 250 subscribers are eligible to win any of the raffle prizes, so be sure to be part of the next 125 susbscribers or you are out of luck!

The latest? Win a $500 light kit from Mini Spots: Burt from Mini Spot Lights has just upped the ante on his raffle donation - 20 mini spotlights, 10 High output mini spotlights, 1 power supply, spotlight diffusers, 1 dimmer and an assortment of power splitters and connectors. This kit would be a great addition to any home or pro haunt. This set has a value of approximately $500.00. This kit has everything you need to light your scenes and you will have your choice of color for the lights.

Froggy's Fog is offering a 15% discount to all subscribers from April through September, and who doesn't need fog?

Leonard Pickel of Hauntcon has donated tickets for that show, Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire donated two sets of tickets, Haunted Fresno has donated two sets of tickets
Midwest Haunters Convention donated two sets of tickets, and West Coast Haunters has donated two sets, as well.

Michael Brunner from the National Haunters Convention is giving EVERY subscriber a $25 VIP Day pass to the 2012 Convention, so any one that subscribes will already save back $25 if they go to the con. Thank you Mike!

We've hit 125 subscribers and raffled off three of the Juneau Studios DVDs at 100. At 150, we're raffling off three more $70 DVDs. Only 25 more to go! Then three more DVDs go out again at 200. The earlier you subscribe the more chances you'll have to win, because everyone's name goes back in the running (except the previous winners, but they go back in for the big drawing if we hit 250)! There are more prizes and discounts that have been added this week, so head over to the Hauntcast website to get the details.

With all the discounts and prizes, most subscribers will save or win back their money and get Hauntcast for free. (Even if you hated the show-don't tell me if you did!-the subscription is so worth all the discounts!) Think of the subscription to Hauntcast as a $100 raffle ticket and Costco membership all wrapped into one!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Retro Hallowe'en lantern available at Retro Redheads.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

They Live!

Home haunters are dorks. We all know it; there's no use trying to deny our dorkishness. We're also builders and creators of some pretty cool stuff. Add a love of old horror classics, and bam! One day a year, we are the coolest kids on the block.
We are also notoriously cheap, and challenge ourselves to make cool stuff with the least money available.

Enter Make Magazine, Hallowe'en edition (Hat tip to Shadow Manor for reminding me to look up a couple of projects from their pages!), and this tutorial on how to make "They Live" masks. The tutorial looks clear, and if you're decent at painting, your masks should come out very well! And cheap? $20! 

Let's face it, "John Carpenter's They Live" is a Hallowe'en dork's dream costume! OBEY!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hauntcast in FANGORIA???????

Maybe! Chris leaked the possible good news on Halloween Forum today, and I quote:
"BTW, Fangoria has been in contact with me for a few months. If we bring the show back they will feature Hauntcast in the magazine."
If that is not an appropriate moment to scream, "Holy CRAP!" I just don't know when is! I mean, Fangoria! They interview the biggies in horror, not lil' ol' us! Can you imagine how much more value we could give the haunt community with an article in Fangoria?

Of course this will only happen if we go back on air, so if that doesn't happen, I will just be crushed. I'll even have to hit the "Windex" a little early in the day if I get that bad news. What a nail-biter!

Anyway, there's been a bit of kerfluffle online about Chris's initial "attitude" regarding the resurrection effort, and he addresses it in this video post, as well as announcing the winners of our 100 Subscribed raffle!

I am completely flabbergasted at the swelling of support we've gotten from both fans and vendors! None of us were initially very hopeful that this fan-based resurrection effort would have a Red Shirt's chance in Hell at surviving this long, let alone have a shot at actually being successful. I mean, people hate-mailed us for asking a $12 subscription, so why would we expect anything different now?

But the fans have been stepping up, and so have the vendors! Could it be? Are we really missed? For those of you jumping up and down and shouting,"YES!" I humbly thank you for your continued patience and support of all this business! I love you, man! ;o)

Subscribe to Hauntcast here. You know you want to!

Dr. Sleep: Chapter One of The Shining Sequel

Is it? Could it be? Yes, Stephen King is writing a sequel to his classic horrifying ghost story, "The Shining," entitled, "Dr. Sleep."

Bloody Disgusting posted a video of King reading the first chapter of this new book, via The Daily Dead.

 I'm not sure how I feel about it, honestly, but I am willing to give it a shot! I always wondered how Danny would be affected by all the things he'd gone through at the Overlook Hotel in the long run.

Frightening? Well...

I always find myself sucked into watching this whenever it comes up on satellite TV: The Frighteners (1996). I can't believe that I've been posting since 2008, and I've never posted anything about this film!
"Looks like I ain't shootin' with blanks no more!" Love John Astin in the role of the Judge.
Jeffery Combs as the neurotic and slightly unhinged Milton Dammers.

Michael J. Fox? Yes!
Jake Busey starring as the deranged serial killer Johnny Charles Bartlett. Love his howie-style shirt!
Peter Jackson, the writer of The Frighteners. I had no idea he had written this. No wonder it was so good! Check out cast and crew info on IMBD.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hauntcast updates, kids.

The Scream Team is ready to pull the trigger on the resurrection. Are you? I hope so!

Ghost Painting

Neat story about how a portrait returned to its rightful place ended a haunting. Via Daily Mail U.K.

Hat-tip to fellow Scream Team member Johnny Thunder for the heads-up! Love you! Love your show!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Haunter's Digest TV Presents: The Haunt Brief

The Haunt Brief interviews Chris Baker of Hauntcast, discusses Transworld and more! Click on the pic to watch!

Gambling Dead and the Cinema

Via Urban Ghosts Media.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shocktail Hour is Here!

The pilot episode of Shocktail Hour has been posted in the left sidebar of the Hauntcast home page for your convenience, so head on over to listen to the horror, mayhem and madness of Johnny Thunder and Chris Baker!

We're seeing some really positive support where subscriptions are concerned, but we have a long way to go. Please Tweet, blog, Facebook, and email everyone you know so we can make this happen and have something great to listen to during the build season! 
Then you can say that you were a part of the crew who have Done the Impossible, and brought Hauntcast back from the dead.
Update: There have been over 250 downloads of Shocktail Hour, yet we're still short of our 250 subscription goal. Don't be a freeloader! Please take a minute to subscribe to Hauntcast so you can get a monthly dose of both Hauntcast and the mid-month episode of Shocktail Hour.


 Images via USA Today. Interesting article on abandoned asylums in the U.K., open for exploration.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shocktails, Anyone?

What better way to celebrate America's President's Day weekend than to listen to the teaser episode of Shocktail Hour?

Yes, Shocktail Hour is coming out tomorrow, boils and ghouls. Brainchild of Johnny Thunder and Chris Baker, Shocktail Hour is the promised spinoff of popular Hauntcast segment Fright Flicks. It will cover not only movies, but comics, books, and the answer to the burning question that begs an answer: "Exactly how drunk can Chris Baker get and still be able to pronounce his own name?"

J.T. and Chris know the secret of great marketing, which is, "The first hit is always free." That's right, they're throwing this episode out for nothin', honey, to give you a taste of what it would be like to have that juicy, mid-month episode of Hauntcast you've always wanted. If Hauntcast hits 250 subscriptions, you'll get Shocktail Hour every month!

I'm completely floored by the responses starting to flow in from all sorts of unexpected places, like Singapore, for example:
Jon LeongHi Scream Team, I am a listener from Singapore. I'm just wondering if your resurrection fund raiser discounts and raffles, etc will be applicable to contributors outside of the USA?
Newbies who have never heard the show before are subscribing! This from Crypt Keeper on Hauntforum:
ah! I never listened to Hauntcast before... just something about a Podcast versus a video... that I never gave it a chance or a listen or ANYTHING. then 100 dollars a year for a Podcast that I never listened to. No thanks. then the absolute outpouring of support from some very talented, very inspiring people... eh. then discount after discount after discount... hmm.raffle after raffle after raffle... its still 100 bucks! that's a huge chunk of Halloween fund!raffle-raffle-raffle- paypal bill me later- Terra, Stolloween, Allen Hopps (only aranamuerta left to round out the group of web-people that have completely turned me into a Halloween do-it-yourself freak!).. 16 bucks a month... cut back on soda a little bit... not bad. 
PLUS if Hauntcast is even a 1/4 as good as everyone is making it out to be... I dunno. I'm a cheap-cheap-cheap bas----! and you won me over... (OH I forgot the magazine offer too!) Now I just gotta learn the ropes of navigating the Hauntcast site. 
Count me in.
Leonard Pickel has thrown in a pair of passes for Hauntcon for the raffle, and Ed Roberts of West Coast Haunters has thrown in two three-day passes! There's a bunch more happening, and you can check it all out on the Hauntcast subscription page, or check out a past show or two on the past shows page.

Hauntcast. Where all the cool ghouls come out to play. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eerie Path

Via Flickr Hive Mind.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best Wife Ever = Me!

I love, love, love giving presents! More than that, I love giving presents earlier than anticipated and for a lot less than one would normally spend on them. I especially love giving presents to Mr. ShellHawk, who is my very favorite person-at least 98% of the time. (The other 2%, I find myself debating alternate uses of my cast iron frying pans, but this post isn't about that.)

Mr. ShellHawk has been wanting a  Kindle Touch for awhile. Now I'm a big Amazon shopper, if you haven't figured it out by the new widget on my sidebar. I generally hate shopping in stores. I hate hearing frustrated moms screaming at their kids, I hate salesmen who try to hard sell me things in which I have no interest, and I hate my own compulsion to tidy things up as I roam the aisles. 

Online shopping eliminates all of this to my satisfaction. Because Amazon has such a wide array of stuff and a wish list option, Amazon is usually the first place I go. Since I shop there so much, I got the Amazon credit card and bought a Prime membership, which gives me free two-day shipping on most of the stuff I buy. When I use the credit card, I get points.

No this isn't a commercial for Amazon. I'm getting to the good part of why I'm such an awesome wife.

I got a notice from Amazon last week that I had a bazillion points, which added up to about $170 worth of product. So, Mr. ShellHawk's gift was suddenly a no-brainer. I bought the Kindle Touch plus a lighted cover, a power adapter, and the two-year extended warranty and only paid $20 out of pocket! Yay for me! 

A trip to Hallmark provided a cute bag and I already had tissue paper lying around, so wrapping was easy. When Mr. ShellHawk got up to go to the gym yesterday morning at 5:15, I got up and started to get his breakfast together. When he got home, the bag was at his place on the kitchen table, and a mushroom and spinach omelet and a cup of coffee were minutes away from being ready. He was so surprised and happy to get his Kindle, which he thought he was getting for his birthday in a couple of weeks.

Off he went to work, and off I went to the store to pick up a few items I was missing for the evening's dessert. I incidentally have received a starter for Amish Friendship Bread and was running low on the things I needed to add to it yesterday, so a trip to the store was not an option.

I brought out my "good dishes," which actually represent a small fraction of the various sets of dishes which have come to me over the years. My mom gave these to me; they're a setting for eight of the old Franciscan "Sea Sculptures" design. I have to say, they really are my favorites, and one of these fine years, I'll get four more settings.

Now, contrary to popular belief, I do not have a staff of servants working for me, though I really, really should. Also contrary to what people may think, I actually do like baking and many "Susy Homemaker" type tasks. I just don't bake often because I'm no longer able to burn it off like I did when I was twenty! But here's proof that I do bake:
Yes, those are heart-shaped cakes. I borrowed the pans from my neighbor. I did cheat and use a box mix, though.

I do have to admit my frustration with baking cakes, though. No matter how I brush off crumbs, some still end up in the frosting! Oh, well. It tastes the same, right? And as a haunter with the "it'll look fine in the dark" mentality, it doesn't have to be perfect. It turned out fine, anyway. 
Mr. ShellHawk is a vanilla frosting fan, so that's what I used.
I had picked up some imported prosciutto (which is basically an Italian smoked ham, sliced thin) and sliced it, then wrapped the pieces around chunks of sliced pears.
Just as Mr. ShellHawk came home from work, I added some water crackers and a small jar of caviar (an extravagance and total impulse buy from Trader Joe's) to the plate. Mr. ShellHawk loves his caviar, so he was delighted to come home and find it, and prosciutto, and a lemon drop martini made fresh with lemons from our backyard, with raspberry sugar on the rim of the glass.
A happy Mr. ShellHawk with his new toy.
The sauce, bubbling away in its
yummy creamy goodness!
Next: dinner. Mr. ShellHawk had requested one of his favorite "treat" dishes. I say it's a treat because it's made with heavy cream and pasta, so the calorie count is best left to the imagination. It's Pappardelle in Lemon Cream Sauce with Asparagus and Smoked Salmon. Tip: when you're buying the asparagus, look for the thinnest you can find. Thin asparagus is more tender and has more flavor that the thicker kind, which can get tough and stringy. If you don't like salmon, leave it out. The dish tastes just fine without it.

Mr. ShellHawk, in the
throes of culinary ecstasy.
I had a bottle of champagne chilled and ready to go, and after dinner, I added a little extra something.

A friend of mine had turned me on to wild hibiscus flowers in syrup. They're edible! Did you know that?

Normally, I would add it to the cheaper champagne you can get in giant bottles at Costco, but after a glass or two of the champagne without it, I decided to cave in to decadence and add a flower and a little syrup to it. It gives a lightly sweet, almost raspberry flavor to the champagne (which is why you put it in the cheap stuff, so it covers some of the flavor!)

The other fun thing about adding hibiscus flowers to champagne is that we haunters get to spook up our bevvy a bit: the hibiscus flowers are nearly black, and they add this weird Cthulu-like element to the drink! Pretty cool, huh?
After dinner, we cleaned up and prepped for dessert, which was (of course) the yellow cake with Hagen Daas Vanilla Bean ice cream. Mr. ShellHawk presented me with my card and gift, which was a 90-minute massage! Woo-hoo!

We both agreed that this was the best Valentine's Day we'd had together.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wicked Wheel

Image via Park Benches and Book Ends Blog
I splurged and got myself a copy of Midnight Syndicate's latest album, Carnival Arcane.

It immediately brings to mind one of my very favorite rainy-day films, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Close your eyes and you can hear it: the crunch of autumn leaves in the field where the carnival lies waiting. Breathe deeply, and you can smell it: the odor of popcorn and cotton candy and things less identifiable yet slightly disturbing to the lizard brain, which float on the crisp breeze. Listen to the music, the sound of calliope and tuba, floats on the air, too, dragging you along, almost, almost unwilling. And your feet must follow. They must always follow.

Yes, a tasty and creepy offering from this dark and delightful group. Happy Valentine's to me, and to us all.

Thanks to the Tambu Lounge!

As strange as it may seem, I don't know everything. Crazy, right? Rest assured, it's true. For instance, I knew nothing of the existence of the Tambu Lounge, even though I love me a good Tiki Bar!

What's even more embarrassing, if that's even the correct word, is that the Tambu Lounge knows about me. More specifically, the Tambu Lounge knows about Hauntcast, and even went so far as to do a really nice post about the show. It was really surprising, especially considering that the blog, though it does post about Hallowe'en from time to time, is not specifically a Hallowe'en blog!

The Lounge was even kind enough to mention the Paypal "Bill Me Later" option, which allows you to pay off your subscription in installments of $16.66 per month, and as long as you pay it in six months or less, it's interest free. Of course, at six months and one day, the interest accrued hits all at once, but most people can afford the option and can pay before the six months is up.

In any case, my thanks go out to the Tambu Lounge for spreading the word. I am not worthy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Hauntcast Updates!

Even more vendors have come forward to offer their support, which will practically pay you to subscribe to Hauntcast. Please take a minute to watch the full video so you have the most up-to-date info!

As if all that wasn't enough, the Mitchells have offered a copy of "How to Haunt Your House, Book Three" (Check it out via my Amazon sidebar on the right) and the Davises have thrown in some goodies, too. Victor the Undertaker of Haunted Hot Sauce (GREAT review of his hot sauces on Fearnet) has offered some of his fantastic hand made hot sauces, and the list just keeps growing!
Sorry to repeat myself, but I really am floored by all the support the vendors are throwing behind getting this show back. If you can, please take the time to spread the word about this, post the banners on your blog and put them in your signatures on the forums. These discounts and prizes are absolutely off the hook!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Haunter DVD Collection

Have you submitted, yet? The deadline has been extended until the 18th, so if you thought you were too late, head over to the Home Haunter DVD Collection site and submit your video or slideshow. They're short of their 100 video goal, so they're even accommodating slightly longer videos. Please submit, because the collection is something to see!

Vintage Hallowe'en Pin-Ups

I just love the pin-up girl era. There was a certain sweetness and fun wrapped up in each photo, and of course, the women photographed were beautiful and graceful. Throw Hallowe'en in, and it's the perfect photo op.
Via The Selvedge Yard
Via The Musings and Adventures of a Pinup Mama
Via Sean F McGuire on Tumblr

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Updates-Hauntcast Magazine? Maybe

Hi, All. There are some new Hauntcast updates I feel compelled to share, because things are really looking better and better.

I realize some of you are sort of put off by all the Hauntcast stuff that's been going on, so I apologize to those who are in that camp. It'll all blow over soon, one way or the other, and things will go back to whatever passes for normal around here.

First up: Resurrect Hauntcast banners. Gary B and Dminor were kind enough to make banners for folks to put in their signatures, on their blogs, etc. If you feel moved to do so, go right ahead. Just link it to the Hauntcast Subscribe page.
There's a new sidebar banner available, too.

Grimlock has stepped forward and volunteered to create Hauntcast, The Magazine, with prop how-tos, horror reviews, and other yummilicious haunted goodness in old-school papery magazine form. Here's the latest updated list of discounts, plus the word is that if our goal is met, there will be a raffle, prizes listed below. 
Can Hauntcast be resurrected? Can you re-animate the Scream Team? There is a fan based movement underway to bring Hauntcast back from the nether-realm. This is the last and only chance for Hauntcast to live again. If 250 fans subscribe for $100 Hauntcast will be back on the air in April. That’s less than a movie ticket once a month. The haunt industries best vendors have stepped up to donate thousands of dollars worth of discounts as well as spooktacular prizes if 250 subscriptions are reached by 3/8/12.
Juneau Studios ~
Save $50 of their DVDs. You pay $19.99, retail price $69.99.
Receive a $250 certificate for any order of $1150 and save 60% on freight orders.
DC Props ~
15% off his amazing props and mechanisms *except sale items, not valid September and October.
Fright Theatre ~
15% off all product *except sale items, not valid September or October
Dark Imaginings ~
20% off our changing portraits, $75 off custom changing portraits, as well as other discounts on our other products and services (graphic design, web design, video effects, etc).
Mini Spot Light ~
15% off all lights
Necrotic Creations ~
15% off their entire product line
Monkey Basic ~
20% off all software
Vox Noctis Voiceovers ~
$50 off any custom made voice over.
ShellHawk's Creations ~
15% her amazing hand-made pottery and FREE shipping.
DBGgraphix ~
50% OFF a logo or poster design for their haunts.
Ghosts of Olde Towne Petersburg will be starting up with the very first haunted walking tours on selected nights in April.  Hauntcast fans can purchase 50% off admission tickets. That offer is good for the entire 2012 season.
Total Terror! Haunted Attraction - 50% off admission price by purchasing tickets online.
Hauntcast the Magazine –
Get a free subscription to Hauntcast the magazine.
If we reach our goal will will be raffling off prizes Such as:
DC Props – Spitter mechanism
Juneau Studios – (10) $70 DVDs
Fright Theatre – Prop
Mini Spot Lights – LED lights
Necrotic Creations – $100 cameo
Woodloom – $55 Celtic Tombstone
Terra – Handmade tombstone of choice
Vox Noctis – $100 dollar coupon
Dark Imaginings – $49.95 value 11×14 changing portrait. You can pick the portrait.If the 11×14 is too large for them then they can choose a smaller version (5×7 or 8×10). The winner will have to pay the shipping fee, though, which is $10.
and more to come!
THIS JUST IN: The Undertaker just offered an across the board 20% discount to all Hauntcast subscibers on his Haunted Hot Sauce, the only hot sauce that comes in its own, hand-made cedar coffin! 

AND: a new raffle prize from Juneau Studios:

Yes, the Lizzy Borden Mirror, a $2500 value. Two feet tall by fifteen inches wide, it comes with four DVDs: Blood Writing, Clown Changing Portrait, Poltergeist Portrait and Lizzie Borden. Each subscriber has not one, but two chances at winning this amazing prize!

As if that were not enough, Allen Hopps of Stiltbeast Studios has officially offered to do the prop segment to complete the Scream Team and take on the prop guy's red shirt. Brave man!

With all the discounts and offers, your subscription more than pays for itself. And if we, by chance, hit 350 subscribers, the cost of the subscription goes down to $75, and the difference will be refunded to everyone.

Lastly, Chris Baker's last word on this whole thing on YouTube.

If you are one of those people who loves to get your monthly dose of haunting via podcast, you'll know that the Hallowe'en and haunt podcasting field is starting to look pretty desolate these days. Rue Morgue is officially gone, unfortunately, and RFR is unable to consistently produce shows due to health issues. Hauntcast has the experience and the passion to bring you the best season, yet, or, die forever. Whatever.

Lastly, a random picture I took at my local Hallmark store while searching for Valentine's joy for Mr. ShellHawk. If you actually read down this far, you deserve it!
I posted it to my Facebook page, addressed to all trolls and haters. I'm still working on that whole "refraining from commenting thing." It's not really a comment though, right? It's just a sign.