Monday, March 26, 2012

250! YES!

Hauntcast has reached 250, two days ahead of schedule! So, here is the video of the prize drawing, which you boils and ghouls so richly deserve for bringing us back!

Congratulations to all the winners! You all have been so fantastic in supporting this! Click on the pic below to subscribe if you haven't yet, and be included in next month's prize giveaway: one $200 gift certificate to Froggy's Fog!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our House From Space!

See all the funny things on the front lawn? IT'S MY GRAVEYARD! W00T!

Thanks to Mr. ShellHawk for the heads-up that our house's pic was taken during October!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Off Topic-It's MWD, Not WMD!

This is Benny B163, MWD,
photo via MWD Adoptions Facebook  page
You know how I get when I find something new that I think is a worthy cause. I go off the deep end about it for a while. This is no different, because this is a very worthy cause!

The cause, my friends, is Military Working Dogs, and their care after they retire. HR 5314, which covers the care of retiring military dogs, needs amending, and it's officially called, "MWD Transport, Reclassification, and Recognition Amendment."

The upshot is that under their current classification, retiring Military Working Dogs (MWDs) are considered "equipment" and have no "return to home station" benefits, as do other military personnel. What that means is that people who are adopting these dogs currently foot the bill for their transport Stateside because the dogs are going to be pets when they arrive. (See this article from the U.S.A.F., and this article from FOX News.) Here's a quote from the article:
Although the DOD MWD program will implement an Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st century-approach to expedite processing for dogs out of the state and country, the general clarified why adopters must bear the brunt of transport for adopted dogs returning from overseas. 

"Once that dog is adopted, it becomes a pet, and therefore loses its MWD status," she explained. "So it would be fraud, waste and abuse for the DOD to transport that pet."  


Keep in mind that the average MWD saves about 150 lives during deployment and is just as much a soldier as any of its human counterparts. By the current logic, this means our human soldiers should pay their way home because they're going to be civilians. Can you imagine the stink that would (rightfully) cause? I don't think that it should be any different for the four-legged soldiers returning home. So I wrote a note to my congressman, which I include here, should you decide to do the same:
It's recently come to my attention that our retiring Military Working Dogs are in a pickle. You see, once they retire and are cleared for adoption into a permanent home, the adopter is forced to pay all transport fees because the dog is classified as "equipment." If that dog is coming from overseas, as many are, you can imagine the expense may make a potential adopter think twice about adopting one of these heroes, especially in our current economy. The reasoning behind having the adopting civilian pay for transport, is that the DOD feels it would be fraud to transport these dogs themselves because they will be pets when they reach their destination. Since these dogs are soldiers as much as their human counterparts, and the average MWD saves 150 human lives during its working lifespan, this is truly a grave injustice perpetuated on these silent soldiers. By that same logic, would we force our human soldiers to pay for their transport home because they're going to be civilians when they get there?  Never!
 What I'm asking is for you to support MWD Transport, Reclassification and Recognition Amendment to HR 5314:          
1.  Provide for authorized DoD Transport of retiring MWDs stationed at permanent OCONUS (overseas) bases who are ADOPTION SUITABLE or ALREADY ADOPTED back to CONUS (continental United States) via military transport.      
    A. If the MWD is ALREADY adopted, the dog will be transported to whatever CONUS base the Mil Air plane lands, whereupon the adopter is responsible for paying the MWD's domestic transport to a Forever Home. Support may be required from that base's MWD Facility to place the dog (still a military asset because he has not been relinquished to his adopter) on a commercial flight to the dog's end destination. An overnight stay at the MWD Facility should be an option.  
      B. If the MWD is ADOPTION SUITABLE but is NOT adopted, the dog should be integrated into the already existing MWD Adoption Program at the 341st MWD Training Squadron. The chance of finding a suitable adoption situation will be increased by having the MWD transported Stateside. The MWD's Owning OCONUS Unit SHOULD NOT be required to pay for Lackland transport of any as yet unadopted  ADOPTION SUITABLE MWD.*   
(*Current standard is that if a unit wishes to get a retiring MWD to Lackland AFB, the UNIT MUST PAY FOR THE TRANSPORT. This should not be the case with our retiring adoption-suitable MWDs returned to the 341st Training Squadron MWD Adoption Program.)   
2. Grant an OFFICIAL reclassification of current active duty MWD from "Equipment" to "MWD Troop/Soldier". This change is necessary in order to undergird the reclassification of a RETIRING MWD from the current "Excess Equipment" to "MWD Veteran" or "Military K9 Veteran".   ACTIVE DUTY MWD RECOGNITION  3. Mandate the creation and establishment of a DoD recognized Commendation and Medal for Meritorious MWD Service for Active Duty MWDs.*  
(* For the last five years, the efforts and all official requests of the US War Dog Association have been rebuffed by the Department of Defense with absolute refusal to even consider the creation of any DoD recognized commendation for MWDs. Experts estimate that the average MWD saves 150 soldier lives during his tenure of service. This is a LAUDABLE FEAT which should be recognized in an OFFICIAL CAPACITY.)
Please, _______________, help us speak for the portion of our military that has no voice to speak for itself.

I hope you decide to take a minute to help out with this, since those affected can't do it for themselves. It's bad enough that our soldiers are having all their benefits cut, but for these dogs to be considered "equipment" is ridiculous! Equipment doesn't bleed and die in the line of duty!

Oh, and if you're interested in adopting a retired MWD, go to Military Working Dog Adoptions, who can help connect you with the military bases in your area with dogs awaiting adoption. I'm definitely keeping them in mind when it's time to add to our pack!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Speaking of the Zombie Apocalypse...

Back in September of 2010, I posted about the Zombie Workout. With my recent return to the gym after a far-too-long absence, the Zombie Workout popped into my head again. The Cadaver gave me the vocabulary word needed for this workout: parkour.
I didn't run from this zombie, since he was so polite, and took a picture with my Ape.
Today, after I got done with my workout (30 minutes of rowing, 15 minutes of walk/jog, 30 minutes of chest, back and arms), I did my post-workout stretching routine. As I was sitting in my giant puddle of stinky, un-sexy sweat, it occurred to me that with the popularity of The Walking Dead, a Survive the Zombie Apocalypse workout class would be a slam dunk for any fitness club, even in my town.

So, after my stretch, I ambled over to one of the managers and asked him to pull it up on the internet, because I thought it would make a great addition to my club. He seemed enthused about the idea, too! We'll see if anything comes of it.

Since then, I discovered there's a 5k obstacle run in The Bloodshed Brothers's territory, called "Run for Your Lives!" There are additional locations in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, and elsewhere, so click the link to see if you might have one near you. There's even a Run For Your Lives promotional video!

I know anyone who can complete a triathlon is pretty badass, but surviving the Zombie Apocalypse? That is badass and one louder, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update-Don't Start the Zombie Apocalypse

Well, boys and girls, there are only 15 more subscriptions left until the big raffle, and only those first 250 will qualify for Juneau Studios Lizzy Borden mirror prop. (As if you didn't already know this, right?)
And even though many of you are righteously tired of the relentless promotion (as are we!), I had to share this new commercial with you, voiced by our own Revenant. Absolutely hilarious! Click on the pic to watch it!
If you're interested, here's Chris with the latest Hauntcast update. Halloween Asylum just donated a prize and will be giving discounts, and I think a few others have joined, as well.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bad Pumpkin

When pumpkins go bad...

From Masterpiece Pumpkins.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Click on the pic for a St. Pat's Day playlist, and click, "Play All."
Have a safe one!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shocktail Hour

The new Shocktail Hour is up and running, boils and ghouls! Johnny Thunder and Chris Baker keep it classy. Not.

This is why cousins should not marry.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shopping for WCHC

I've got the official go-ahead from Mr. ShellHawk to go to West Coast Haunters Convention this year to represent Hauntcast and to bring some of my Hallowe'en ceramics along to sell. Of course, many of you ladies realize this is a fine opportunity to shop for new things, especially because I'm going as a "public figure" (insert raucous laughter here). I mean, I can't just show up in any old thing, now, can I? I'd disappoint my adoring fans! (At WCHC, I believe that's the Davises and possibly the Bloodshed Brothers... :oD)

So I've been trolling the 'net for some fun stuff to wear, mostly because my Hauntcast t-shirt makes me look like a frumpy housewife because it's made for boys. Since I'm losing weight, it'll look even more tent-like by the time June rolls around. I do plan to take the t-shirt over to my local alterations place to have it taken in, but I still can't miss out on the retail therapy I get to indulge in, right?

Take these wonderful pumps, for instance:
These are all kind of costume ball fabulous-ness, aren't they? You can pick them up on sale at Starlets and Harlots. If you like boots, you can find the same basic design at Sinister Soles:
If you prefer a little color and a touch of Steampunk, you might like these Metropolis: Ripley shoes:
Of course, you can't have the heels without the dress:
Though I love the dress, it's a little spendy for me right now. *sigh* Maybe this one is a bit more in my league:
I couldn't get a pic of this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, but you'll see why I think I should have it.  I would get something like this for evening, but I'm having an attack of the over-40-insecurity and I don't want to embarrass myself!

Oh, well. There's plenty of time to decide, right? And another ten or twenty pounds, too...

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Guess It's Happy Dance Week!

Another happy dance? Yes, my friends. There have been two happy dances this week. Firstly, because Hauntcast is back, and secondly, be cause I just got my copy of Haunted Air!Some of you may not know about this wonderful book. I first found out about it from the Hallowe'en Grand Master, himself, Pumpkinrot. It sold out in its first printing, and now it's back in stock! (Obviously, ShellHawk. That's why you got a copy. *eye roll*) 

I think my favorite part of the forward by David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Dune) is this one, particularly the last line:
I couldn't pull away - it was all like a magnet and there was beauty in it. Human creatures with the feeling of being turned strange and open to falling. And glee - they seemed to have a glee for somehow stitching a laugh to darkness.
"Stitching a laugh to darkness." What an apt description of Hallowe'en and the haunter.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

40 to Go and PayPal Are Nazis

I just got a heads-up from Chris that PayPal called him yesterday and told him he can't have any mention of a raffle on the Hauntcast website and use their service, as they consider it a form of gambling. Though he told them that this is actually a promotion, it has fallen on deaf ears, so Chris is looking into other options for payment. I support him completely in this, because I feel that to cave in to their demand is a slap in the face to our vendors and listeners, alike.

If you want to subscribe with the Bill Me Later option, do it now, as Chris will be pulling Paypal from the Hauntcast site within the next few days.

We have forty left until we hit our 250 mark. Will you be one of the last forty people to be allowed into the now-controversial raffle? 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Season of Shadows: Gone Into the Night

I got a quick email today from John Wolfe's friend, Goldie, letting me know that he has passed on to the Great Haunt in the Sky. (I know it's cheesy to say that, but if there's a Heaven, there's a special place for haunters like John!) I know she will post John's final thoughts for us on Season of Shadows when she is able, so keep an eye out for that.

Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts in the days to come, and say a prayer for John. He was a very special person and he will be missed.

You Can't Stop the Signal, Mal

Woo-Hoo! *happy dance* You've done it!

Hauntcast subscriptions hit 200 yesterday, then pushed past to 205, leaving only 45 subscriptions until the big raffle! Today the exploding fuse box prop will be raffled off so keep an eye on this post for the announcement. The first Hauntcast show will air on April 6th, and the new Fright Flicks spinoff show, "Shocktail Hour" will air next Friday, March 16th. I can't wait!

Thank you to everyone who has spread the word about the resurrection effort. Don't stop now! Keep that momentum going to 250 and beyond so we can ensure our bi-monthly haunt and Hallowe'en fix. And, of course, only the first 250 subscribers will be eligible for the big raffle, so be sure to get in the running now!

Truly, no power in the 'verse can stop us. Hit that 250 mark, and there's another Firefly quote in it for you:

"We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty!"

Sorry. Feeling very shiny today. The news was just fantastic to wake up to!


Congratulations to Forty Thieves for winning the exploding fuse box prop!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Only nine subscribers left until we hit the 200 mark! Please subscribe, as a fellow haunter's props are in danger:

Here's a new update from Skully, too.

If you're sitting on the fence, please, get off and subscribe. As I've said, even if you detested the show, that $100 subscription buys you a one in six chance (way better odds than the state lottery!) of winning some really amazing props and prizes, plus you get all the vendor discounts, some of which are truly impressive. We actually do have a few new ones since my last post, so head over to the Hauntcast home page and check them out!

I can't believe they cut the horse's head off!

News From the Nest

Lots of little changes going on around here, aside from the Hauntcast Resurrection thing that's going on.

First, Sam is nearly a year old. His birthday, funny enough, is in April; the same day as Revenant's. He's gone from this:
Sam at one week old
Sam at eight weeks
to this 80+ pound puppy:
Sam is now very interested in bathtubs, as long as he doesn't need a bath.
Wow, did he grow fast, and he still has another six months or so of growth to go. The funny thing is, he's small for a male (like his dad), but is now taller than our female. Smart and handsome, too. I just can't believe that at this time last year, we were crossing our fingers that we'd have the pup of our dreams!

I've finally kicked the virus from Hell enough to get back to the gym. (The cough is lingering, but is now only visiting first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.) Pensive Pumpkin has inspired me to get moving again, and of course, the puppy needs to get out, too. As I regain my wind and muscle tone, we'll be doing longer walks/runs. That's the plan, anyway. Summer is coming, after all, and I'm vain enough to care what I look like in a bathing suit!

At the gym yesterday, I noticed one lady on the treadmill as I was coming up the stairs and turning the corner. She was pumping her arms really hard as she was walking, had big hair and weighed maybe 100 pounds, at most. She may have been about 5' 5", give or take. I had to choke back a giggle, because the image that struck me was that of an angry lollipop. Tiny little body, biiiiig head. I wanted to whisper, "For God's sake, lady, eat something!" as I went by, but I managed to refrain.

That, by the way, will never be me. I'd have to cut my calorie intake to 500 per day, and that is simply not going to happen, because it's insanity!

My kiln is full and firing right now, and I've been getting a few things finished up from last year's Hallowe'en season, like these mini jacks:
I also made the first two jacks of the year:
So I'd have to say, I'm feeling reasonably productive! Here's to a bunch more, right?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Breaking News! Chris Baker Knows Who F.D.R. Is!

The latest news. 

Hang in there, kids. The relentless promotion will end this week, I promise! We honestly can't stand it any more than some of you can! The sooner we get to 200, the sooner the promotion will end. When we hit that 250, the raffle will be held and some very lucky people will get some amazing prizes!

We're starting to see some wonderful videos from people who are supporting the resurrection, like this one, this one (towards the end), and this one from the Bloodshed Brothers. Thank you to all of you who are getting the word out to friends who may not be on the boards this time of year!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Revenant Speaks, Terra's Props THREATENED! :oO

After a long silence, Revenant speaks on the topic of the Resurrection:

If that weren't enough to convince you, Terra Lair, haunter extraordinaire, and maker of that wonderful "Beloved" tombstone, has had her props stolen and held for ransom!

Please! Save Terra's props before those madmen destroy something else! Blog, Facebook, Tweet and whatever else for people to subscribe!

We have 86 more subscribers to go to get to our subscription goal of 250 before March 8. That's this coming Thursday. 

If you know of a haunter who was a fan of Hauntcast, consider giving them a call or an email and asking them to subscribe. If you know someone who is having a hard financial time or a birthday, this would make an excellent gift for him or her!

All subscribers have a one in six chance of winning a prize of disgustingly amazing magnitude: the Juneau Studios Lizzy Borden Mirror, the Mini-Spots $500 spotlight package, the Necrotic Studios Skeleton Cameos, tickets to West Coast Haunters, HauntCon or National Haunters Convention, a custom jack-o'-lantern made for you by Stolloween, 50% off the Skeleton Store and so much else.

Paypal has extended its Bill Me Later promotion of interest-free payments through the end of April. If it's the first time you've used Bill Me Later, you can get $5 off your first purchase of $100 and get your subscription for $95. If you win just one DVD, valued at $70, you just got your subscription for $30. Subscribe to Hauntcast here.

And did I mention you have a one in six chance of winning? :oD

Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Power in the 'Verse

Can stop these motivational posters. I can't help it; I'm a Firefly/Serenity dork, and you can't stop the signal...
Click on the pic to see a number of wonderful, motivational things. If you don't, remember...
I can kill you with my brain...

All the Best Haunted Houses

are built with Legos!
Everything you see is built with Legos, even the trees! Over 600 hours of work to build this beauty, too!

Thanks to amazing pro haunter, Leonard Pickel for the heads-up! Article found at DMA Central. There are more pictures to see; the man has done a series of Lego-built haunted houses!

Birthday Wishes and Hauntcast Raffle Winners!

Hauntcast has hit 150 subscribers, so Chris raffled off three Juneau DVDs, and the winners were: *drumroll* to be found on the Hauntcast YouTube Channel!

In other news, with the first of March comes three birthdays! Mr. ShellHawk, my niece and my nephew! Happy Birthday to all of you!

Yes. I did marry the Pope.