Sunday, August 28, 2022

Short Update - Jars and More!

After Midsummer Scream, I was exhausted! Three days of long hours and lots of people was more draining than I had remembered, and I imagine at least some of that is having been isolated for so long due to the Covid-19 lockdowns. I got too used to being alone or just with my folks and suddenly - 50,000 people! Eeek!

I gave myself a week off and then got back to work, this time on some apothecary jars, big enough to be cookie jars!

Sadly, yours truly pulled a total rookie move and picked up one of the greenware (almost bone dry) jars wrong and cracked it. I did my best to repair it, but even as I put it in the kiln for the first firing, I was fairly sure it wouldn't survive. I was right.

The upside is, I know a potter who can make another one! Yay, me!

So the ones which came out of the kiln are in the process of being glazed. Three of them are a commission for my friend Emma, over at Soap Cauldron. She and her crew recently moved into a new, larger space and she wants to put them in her store! I'm very excited for her expansion, because that means I get to keep using her wonderful, handmade soap fo a long time to come!

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to be helping out at Digital Day at the DGA! Every year, the Directors Guild holds an invitation-only event to feature the latest in digital technology for film and TV. I was working with some folks who are doing some truly incredible things with AI, DGene (soon to be Artemi), and got to once again see the results of a shoot I produced just before Covid shut everything down.

It was fantastic to see the advances they've made since then, and also to check out a couple of the VFX sequences which their subsidiary, Makuta VFX, did for Netflix's RRR. (Check out the sequence at 2:19 of the trailer!)

Life has been so much fun, lately! I'm so eager to see what comes next!

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Great to be Back!

After months of hard work and stressing out about having enough at the show to sell, Midsummer Scream finally arrived! 

Everything got loaded in and set up, and let me tell you, the work Dave Lowe did to make my new booth design happen really set the tone for the whole weekend! Everyone loved it! 

My pumpkin people were a hit, with five of seven finding new homes! 

The little guy at the top, above, was the first to go!

I made a few new things, too. Skeleton wind chimes, witch bells, and new designs for some nice coffee mugs!

As you know, I've been playing with new colors for my jack-o'-lanterns.

All the bowls sold, too! But one sale, in particular, made my day!

Me, Bob Gurr, and friend/booth goddess, Sherri Miranda

Original Imagineer and Doom Buggy Creator, Bob Gurr, came by my booth specifically to tell me he thought my work and my booth were the best at the convention! I swear, I could have died happy at that very moment. I gave him one of my haunted house mugs, and he came back a little later to buy one of the jack-o'-lanterns which had caught his eye earlier!

I am still just floating! (We all float around Bob!) What a great show and what a great time we had!

Now, onwards to make for my Open House!