Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Terror Onna Stick!

Still in my top five favorite scarecrows by a scarecrow master: Spooky Blue.
Of course, another is Stewie's daddy, The Grumble.
Spook's Grumble
My little angel, Stewie. 8' arm span, and all.
I am grateful every year that Spooky Blue was kind enough to talk me through this project, especially when Stewie scares the neighborhood kids. Thanks, Spook. You're a total rock star!
Spooky Blue's project page.


  1. Agreed, she is great. And you are both very talented. I bow to your awesomeness!!!


  2. He is great! And he was so patient with all my emails!

    Another guy who needs to move to Folsom, btw...

  3. I met Spooky Blue last year at Indy Hauntfest...and saw this fantastic and inspiring pumpkin in person. Yep...rock star of the haunter world.

  4. Gosh how I love me some scarecrows. These are SO terrific!!! :o)


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