Saturday, April 28, 2012

Busy, Busy!

It's been pretty loony around here! School is winding down, so I've been sweating getting projects done before the end of the semester. My school has a type of kiln I don't have, and it's unlikely I will have one of my own any time soon, so I'm taking advantage of my access while I can!

The clock is ticking down to the El Dorado Hills Art and Wine Affaire, too. I truly don't feel like I have enough to sell, there, and there's a sculpture that  I was hoping to finish that will likely not be ready in time; I should be drying it already and I'm just barely halfway through building it. If I push it, I may wind up with another exploded sculpture, and that just hurts way too much! I'll probably do better to focus on my faster projects and just get back to that when I can, but I may do a marathon session to get it done and play it by ear.

I'm heading back into teaching, too, so after this weekend, I have to sit down and re-vamp a couple of lectures. I just finished my segment for Hauntcast and sent it off to Chris, too, all while being in Los Angeles for my nephew/godson's First Communion. I was such a good girl, I was even editing my segment on the plane!

Guy of House Bloodthorn has been kind enough to design a new banner and postcard for me, one that will be good for the "rest of the year," i.e. not Hallowe'en. I'm going to finalize my insurance this week, and it turns out I have to contact the State Board of Equalization (California's sinkhole of cash for the struggling small business owner, who make you buy all sorts of permits on top of your re-seller's license!) and let them know I'm going to be selling at that fair. California is a terrible place for small business, I have to say! It's that whole lemonade stand effect, cubed!

In any case, it may be a little quiet around here for a little bit, though I will try to check in with some Hallowe'en goodies from time to time!

And please, if you're in the area, stop by my booth on the bridge at the E.D.H. Art and Wine Affaire on May 12th and 13th. I won't have my Hallowe'en stuff there, as I'm saving it for the West Coast Haunters Convention, but I'll have some great things there, and there will be live music and lots of great food and wine to sample!

Well, off I go, to sit through two hours of mass! Oh, boy! ;)


  1. I wish I could go to WCHC, but I feel bad enough dragging Chevalier to running stuff on the weekends. Maybe that'll be the upside if I don't get to run RnRPDX on May 20th?

  2. Drag him! It's going to be soooo much fun!Plus, I'd get to meet you! :oD


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