Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Business to Take Care Of

...If you'll pardon the improper use of grammar!

First, on Saturday, the 28th of July at 10:15-ish A.M. Pacific time, I'll be resurrecting my BlogTV channel to do a tombstone workshop. Some of the neighbors and a few CalHaunters will be coming by to do some tombstones and are happy to do it on BlogTV. It may be helpful to you to watch a somewhat step-by-step process. Please expect a certain amount of chaos, as I'll also be individually helping people with their tombstones and I'm so slammed with other things I may not be my usual organized self! Go here to subscribe to my channel so it's easier for you to find it on the day of the tombstone workshop!

Secondly, late last year a switched to a new phone and in the switch, I lost a bunch of important haunters email addresses! I'm trolling for my October guest bloggers right now, so if you've done that for me in the past and haven't heard from me, please drop me a line so I can include you in this year's madcap adventure: shell hawks nest at ya hoo daht calm. You know what I really mean!

Thirdly, I got my chandelier pieces out of the glaze firing this week! Hooray! 

Although I have done some touch-up on the big shade because the clear overglaze fogged on me, I'm happy with the way it turned out. I'll be re-firing that shortly so that I can put it together and get pics taken to sell it. Whew! What a project. If it actually sells, I'll see about doing more. Just as a business thing, it takes up too much space to be lying around here for long, so adding more chandeliers that don't sell, either, would be madness.
 I had debated on the shape of the small shades, but determined that the pumpkin shape, if done the way I wanted, wouldn't allow you to change the light bulbs without adding a bunch of extra weight to the finished piece, making the lamp as a whole heavy and possible causing mayhem later, in someone's house. Not really something I wanted to do! So I made them wide enough to slip your fingers into the shade for the light bulb change and everything seems to fit o.k.
I'm playing around with different oranges, too, and I'm finding I really like this one! I'll still do the others I've used in the past, for variety, but I am very happy with the way this one looks.

Finally, we are one follower away from a giveaway. Just a public service message!

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  1. Looking forward to it! Thanks for showing the madness!


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