Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Looks like I get to go visit my family and go to Monsterpalooza next weekend! My friend, Don Waller, whom you'll remember from this post, will be on a panel discussing the original King Kong, so of course, I'll be there to rub elbows with folks high above my lowly station as a podcaster! I will, of course, be sporting my new Hauntcast t-shirt!

I'm pretty sure that among familial visiting, I'l squeeze in a trip to Halloweentown and grab dinner with some haunt buddies. I'm very excited!

I am also very much looking forward to see my dad and grandmother. I haven't seen them since Christmas, and have been missing them a lot, lately. It looks like Oma will hit 104 this July, if you can believe it, but at her age, every visit counts and nothing is guaranteed. Looking forward to this trip!

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