Monday, November 18, 2013

Busy Little Bee!

Ornaments ready for tags!
I've been bad about posting because there's plain old been a lot on my plate this last couple of months. Hallowe'en, Josey dying, work drama, a nutty customer leaving a nutty review on my Etsy page, getting ready for the upcoming Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair in Folsom--it all just sucks up time and energy. Throw in an upcoming foot surgery, and I am stressed! The blog has most definitely taken a back seat lately!
Yes, that's my foot. The result of ice skating, too-tight shoes as a kid, and too many years of wearing heels. They're going to go in, take out a wedge of bone, cut tendons and ligaments, stick in a pin and then put it back together. Six weeks later, the pin comes out. Sounds awesome, huh?

Oh, and ditto this surgery for the other foot, which will get done robably late next year. Do I know how to have fun, or what?


Well, back to glazing some Christmas plates I've been making!


  1. Ugh - hope that heals fast! btw - love the phone case, its reflected in the x-ray!


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