Friday, June 20, 2014

For the Potters

While we've been visiting Ireland, we've been making little side-trips to various potteries. Louis Mulcahy's pottery was one of the places we visited, and I have to say what a great experience it was to get out and see his work (and buy it!).

 I fell in love with the pitcher below! The shape, design, and generous size was wonderful. Combine that with a nice combination of glazes, and it was a beaut! I took a picture with my hand on the handle so you could get a sense of scale.
I had Mr. ShellHawk stand next to one of the vases, to get a sense of scale, too. Mr. ShellHawk is 6' 3". Note his heroic pose. ;)
 The simplicity of his design is wonderful. No clutter on these pieces, at all!

We're on our way home tomorrow, early. Wicked early to get to the airport on time. I'm looking forward to getting back home to the dogs and my studio. I feel rejuvenated and ready for the very long hours getting prepped for Scare LA.

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