Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Real Deal

I love using real candles in my pumpkins, but I'm noticing the trend towards flickering tea lights. I understand the safety factor, but I'm addicted to the smell of scented candles from Dark Candles burning, the amount of light they put out and the bonus of being able to stick some cloves to the lid of the pumpkin and have that scent wafting through the air.



  1. Agreed.
    Though it'd be nice to have LED tealights that are actually bright. None of the ones on the market are bright..and I still can't find any comfort in the weird unhealthy lighting that an LED gives off. The year a stiff wind kept blowing my pumpkins out comes to'd be nice to have a fall back.
    And nothing on this earth smells as amazing as toasted pumpkin lids.

  2. If I could afford to use plain beeswax candles, I would probably prefer them. I'm all about the smell of scorched punkin flesh on Halloween night, and I suspect that beeswax would compliment that beautifully.

  3. Yeah, nothing really replicates the warm glow and flicker of real fire. Everything about it says HALLOWEEN to me. Makes me imgine the ancient Celts standing around a bonfire in a pitch black field under a big bright moon. Awesome. ;)

  4. Great post, and so EXACTLY how I am about it too! I use LEDs when I must for safety and effect (like the Hallowe'en Tree) but there is simply NO substituting a real candle in a real jack o'lantern, period. The smell, the light, the warmth, everything about it.

  5. So, I agree- our inside pumpkins we use real candles. Our outside pumpkins, however, we use these pumpkin lights from Williams-Sonoma. They're super bright, you can set them to steady or flicker, and they give of a nice buttery candle-like light. (Also they come with a remote.) The only downside is they're kind of expensive, but they're really the best alternative to real candles I've found. I "requested" that fiance buy me a whole bunch of them before he quit W-S. Here's a link to them on EBay (looks like W-S doesn't have them on the site yet for this fall.)


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