Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Saints Morn

 November first. 2:11 AM as I begin to write this post.

It feels a little like those scenes you see in movies, the ones where the carnival has packed up and moved on and all that's left to show it was there is a forgotten popcorn box or three and stray candy wrappers blowing by. A few footprints in the dirt. A partially eaten hot dog, stepped on and crushed into the ground.

The rain and wind replacing the sound of the calliope.
Rain in the graveyard...
It was rainy tonight. Even so, folks brought their kids out and the annual party, while smaller, (no doubt because of the rain) was a huge success. I snuck out while everyone was occupied and snapped a few pics. They turned out alright, but because of the rain, I decided to leave the haunt up for an extra day so I can get pics tomorrow.

I hope I can get pics, anyway...

Meanwhile, the last breath of Hallowe'en gently wafts a stray candy wrapper across the graveyard. A hint of the calliope's tune floats on the breeze.

Or maybe that's just my imagination.


  1. We don't get anyone...too far out in the sticks. My little witches have been following me around the house!

  2. I hear you- I got a post Halloween hangover today as I break down the haunt.


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