Thursday, March 10, 2016

Halloween Poster Collection

I find myself wishing for a larger office or studio space, so I can put up all the full-size movie posters I want and not run out of space or have it look cluttered. I find it ironic that I yearn for the simplicity of the traditional Japanese home, yet I keep wanting stuff. Typical American consumer, I guess...

Here are some of the posters related to the 1978 release, John Carpenter's Halloween I'd love. I've included a few posters from what I like to call the "alternate universe," also known as fan art.
Via Shock Till You Drop (Click here for a thoughtful article about Michael Meyers.)

Via Gunaxin.

Via frankensteinsfunhouse on rebloggy.

Via Rebloggy.
Via Justine's Movie Blog.
Via Itcher Magazine.
Via Screen Prints.
Via Deep Fried Movies blog.

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