Wednesday, May 4, 2016

West Coast Haunters Convention - Post Mortem

It was another wonderful, alcohol-soaked time at West Coast Haunters Convention this year! Such a fun time seeing everyone and knowing we were at such a fantastic charity event for the Oregon School for the Deaf!

The "Canadian Embassy," as we like to call our hoser haunters who visit from the Great White North, took up residence on the 13th floor of the Doubletree Hotel in Portland, where the event was held. As always, they outdid themselves in the hotel room makeover department...
The Davis Graveyard crew and their helpers did a great job of spookifying the 13th and 14th floors, too...
Chris Aype having a drink at the Canadian Embassy.
 I didn't get a bunch of pictures of the show floor, but I did get this one:
I didn't get the whole story on this, but to my knowledge this wheelchair modification was built by someone who had been taking classes at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. I just love it!
 Of course, the annual Nerf dart war was had on the show floor...
 And the Costume Ball once again amazed and inspired all who attended.
Yes, this was a functioning costume!
The Davis Graveyard crew, having their mug shots taken.
And I got to catch up with blog buddy, Sean Covernton. 
 My "Jaws" costume made a big splash, too!
 And at the end of it all, the Festival of Frights drive-in double feature happened on Sunday night. Chris Aype was in attendance with his pal, Aimee.
You really must plan to come next year!

For more outrageous pictures, go to the West Coast Haunters Convention Facebook Page. Scroll around and have fun!

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  1. Always great to see you my friend. Thanks for coming out to play!


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