Friday, September 9, 2016

Every Year, A Haunter Gets Ripped Off...

This year, it's Victor Ives, of Halloween Hot Sauce.

Victor has been hand-making hot sauce for a long time, and rebranded in 2013.

He also makes little coffins for his hot sauce, to really spooky them up! He designed his own labels, and each bottle comes with its own toe-tag. Victor has not left out any details on his product!

Apparently, someone brought the design idea to someone at Target, and ripped off Victor's design. Unfortunately, since the designs are slightly different, there's likely nothing he can do about it, except let people know he was ripped off by a large corporation. Corporations like Target can get away with this because they simply have more money to pay lawyers, and a copyright infringement case can go as long as ten years in court! 


Spread the word. You can leave a politely phrased, disparaging message on their Facebook page. I've found social media to be the most effective way to shame a company into doing the right thing. Or if you feel like it, write to them!


  1. So irritating. I've posted it to twitter and Facebook as well.

  2. My friend Michelle is an independent artist (under the guise "Twilight Faerie") and belongs to a collective of Halloween artists. Every year, she sees her work, and that of other Halloween artists in her group, ripped off by big chain stores. It's become such a regular occurrence, she jokes that her group is the place to go if you want to see what the big chain stores will be offering next year!

    I know I've seen blatant rip-offs of work by Pumpkinrot in stores over the years, and many other home-haunters have seen original concepts they created turned into cheap, overpriced props at party stores. It's a damned shame, but like you's hard for the "little guy" to fight the giant corporation and their lawyerly attack dogs

  3. A shot an email to the CFO and would be happy to report back. Please shoot me an email once an Admin reviews this reply.

  4. They didn't even put any original thought into at all!


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