Monday, April 23, 2018

Monsterpalooza 2018

I was chatting with fellow artist, Bob Lizarraga, a few of weeks ago (can I mention how great it is to be in the same town with some of my favorite artists?), and he mentioned he was getting ready for one of my favorite shows: Monsterpalooza.

I know how hard it can be to do conventions on your own. Bathroom breaks are nearly impossible unless you have someone there to spell you, and you never get out to see anyone else's booth. (Plus, hello? Monsterpalooza?) So...

"Need some help?"

He graciously allowed that maybe some help would be welcome, and so came last weekend's shenanigans!
He and his nephew did the heavy lifting of load-in on Friday, and I rolled in late Friday afternoon, just an hour before the show opened, with dinner for the guys. As I pulled up in front of the Pasadena Convention Center, I could see there was a line around the block, waiting for the doors to open. I cruised in with some vittles from the local grocery deli, since I knew the guys were going to be hungry after setting up for most of the afternoon.

Bob met me at the doors with my wristband, and led me past the professional makeup area and movie prop auctioneers to the "Mr. Hyde" aisle and his booth.
Bob's Kubrick-themed painting, done for a Kubrick-themed art show at the
now defunct Creature Features.
I've always been a fan of his work (I own a couple of pieces, which are, sadly, currently in storage), and I was delighted to see a couple of my favorites among some new offerings.
The show floor opened shortly afterward, and pretty soon, we were inundated with fans and fellow weirdos!

If you're like me (and I assume that if you're reading this blog, you probably are), a show like Monsterpalooza is a balm to your soul. You're no longer the odd one out, and it's very likely you're not the geekiest person in the room, anymore. You're among fellow creatives, and imaginations regularly run wild in this type of habitat!

Saturday rolled around, and I was able to wander the show floor and see the wonders which make Monsterpalooza so much fun. 
I was absolutely thrilled to find Miss Havisham, herself, at the show! (And yes, I did get myself a new teacup and saucer to match.) You may remember her from Boing Boing's viral article, about her insulting teacups and formal China. Let me tell you something:

They're even more delicious in person!

And Miss Havisham, a.k.a. Melissa Johnson, is just a delightful woman!
What Monsterpalooza is complete without a visit to Gris Grimley's wondrous booth? (That's him on the left.)
Mike Hill again blew the doors off the show with his life-size portrait of The Monster and Little Girl. Entitled, "A Short-Lived Friendship," this piece showcases his talent to a "T."
There was time for a little bit of clowning among the props, too!
And moments of deep introspection in a comfy chair.
I got to meet some of the Visual/Special Effects crew who worked on this little film, Star Wars. Yes, ILM folks! How delightful to meet them!
Kirk Thatcher, Me, Tom St. Amand, and Randall Dutra.
I got into the museum after it closed the first time, but that made for an eerier experience than it otherwise might have been. The talent represented there is just breathtaking!
This costume just floored me!

ANd then there was the Peter Vincent doll, complete with Vampire Slaying Kit!
The Hall of Stars, as I like to call the autograph area, was filled with fun folks, like Alex Winter, from Lost Boys and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
And Barry Bostwick, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Another fine weekend among the monsters! It was inspiring, and I cannot wait to get back to creating scary things!


  1. What a great event - you look stunning in your purple dress.

  2. Had a BLAST, and thank you again for the company and all your help!


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