Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Monster Coffee

This is about how I feel today, with all the middle-aged lady's lack of REM sleep. Or sleep in blocks of longer than three hours...

I would love to know who made this mug! If anyone knows and can send a link to the artist's page, I'm more than happy to give credit.


  1. try taking a small amount of melatonin's we age we lose this. i break a table in half and i sleep like the dead with out a hangover feeling in the morning.

    1. I've tried that, but unfortunately, I seem to be immune to it and all of the "natural remedies."

      I've recently joined a gym and that seems to help. I cut way back on sugar and don't even have wine with dinner during the week, in order to try to get my sleep patterns under control.

      Next, I'm on to sacrificing chickens! Lol!


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