Monday, August 20, 2018

Magic Wheelchair and Haunter Cory Hunt

Click the pic for the newsreel on this wonderful build!
Haunters take a lot of crap from certain segments of the population. From, "It's too early to decorate" (on October 1) to "You're going to Hell!", I feel we're unfairly singled out as people who are weighed in as "not nice" on the judgment scale.

We, of course, know better.

Many of us haunt for a favorite charity. We participate in food drives. We raise money to buy dog beds for local shelters. And we do lots of different things for kids and kids' charities because Hallowe'en is, after all, something of a kid's holiday.

And then, there's Cory Hunt.

Cory formerly ran the Nightmare Playgrounds Haunt before getting involved with West Coast Haunters Convention and the Oregon School for the Deaf.

Cory is the guy that children run to because they instinctively know he's a protector, because he's fun, and because he's just a lovable kind of guy. He's got a heart for the kids, and it isn't even dripping with blood!

It's not surprising that he eventually became part of the magic at Magic Wheelchair, an organization which builds costumes for kids in wheelchairs so they can enjoy cosplaying with everyone at the various conventions.

Cory previously took the lead on a Supergirl costume build for young Zoe, and this time he and his team built a Darth Vader costume for Xavier. Click on the pic above to see the news article from Stockton Con!

For more info about Magic Wheelchair, click here.

Meanwhile, Cory, thank you for being such an amazing and giving human being!

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