Sunday, November 29, 2020

It Was a Very Good Autumn!

One of my pumpkin people and a jack-o'-lantern in their new home.

This year has seen some significant strides forward for me. As my healing process has continued, aided by some hard-core therapy, I've felt lighter and more steady. I'm developing new coping skills, I'm becoming more mindful. I feel as though a part of me now has room for other things; plans for the future, space to rest and relax, awareness of each small moment of happiness and the return to the habit of searching for those moments.

I discovered the unexpected rewards of doing the work have been the resurgence of my creativity and the desire to get my hands back in clay and do what I do best. I find I look forward to sketching out my ideas and I'm feeling free enough to accept the mistakes which come with experimentation. They feel more like an, "a-ha!" than an, "uh-oh!"

The open house went well, as I mentioned before. Afterwards, I received a few pictures of my creations in their new homes, or waiting to go on to their new homes as gifts.

Several people sent messages telling me how happy they were with their new purchases; how they use them daily, how they put them on display for all year, rather than just Halloween, and how much happiness their purchases give them.

You can see the jack in the upper left corner!

There's a warm glow of satisfaction comes with pictures like these! And it makes me look forward to making even more wares for my clients.

BTW, I'm having a sale in my Etsy store until tomorrow night, so if you've been wanting to grab something for yourself, now's the time!

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