Tuesday, January 26, 2021

More Fun Stuff!


I'm still having an inordinate amount of fun making necklaces for Hallowe'en lovers, witches, and Hallowe'en Brides! In between, I've thrown in some things I call suncatchers, which can be hung from rear-view mirrors or in front of a sunny window.

The cold disappeared for a couple of days, so I was back out on my pottery wheel, but then it came back and brought the much-needed rain with it! 

So back inside I went, to continue playing with ideas from my mom's old stash of beads, then adding from my own. A couple of friends have even sent some selections from their stashes they thought would work for what I'm doing, and I'm looking forward to creating fun things from them!

I feel that I can offer both the lighthearted and the darker versions of Hallowe'en equally well!

You can click on each picture to be taken to that listing, or just head on over to my ShellHawk's Creations Etsy store to browse around!

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