Thursday, July 9, 2009


Summertime. 4th of July. A greedy mayor and a hungry fish. One of the all-time most perfect movies, ever. Ever, baby!

I personally cannot believe that it's been over thirty years since this movie was made and scared the pants off of everyone. I was too young to see this in the theater, but if they ever do a re-release in the theater (as they did with The Exorcist), I will be there. I'm sure it will be an amazing experience!

I'm just bummed I didn't know about the 30th anniversary edition before I bought my copy on DVD. Oh, well. Get it here.

I'll be taking some time off to join my Grandmother for her 100th birthday, so I'll catch you on the 20th! Pray for me, y'all. It'll be some strange and potentially traumatic family time. Thank God I'll be near my favorite Irish pub! I'm also hoping to catch Dead Snow while I'm down in L.A., so maybe the trauma will be mitigated...


  1. Thank you for today's Para Abnormal inspiration.

  2. Good luck. Hope you make it back :)

  3. Love Grandma, so time with her is always fun! It's the rest that give me twitches!

  4. Good luck with the family stuff!!

    Hope your grandma has a great birthday!



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