Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random L.A. Moment-The Batmobile

I was driving to the bank while in L.A. when I caught a glimpse of this old beauty, a blast from my childhood. Of course, I had to execute a bat-turn and park my car so I could run back and snap some pics.

I was originally on my way to see a buddy of mine, who is a dork like me. I picked him up, apologizing for being late.

"I got distracted by shiny things," I told him, and drove him by the Batmobile.
He immediately punched a number in on his cell phone, calling a friend who is a Batman fanatic. The friend was told the location and to gather up his kids for a quick visit.
We got the thank you call back a couple hours later, and a little info, too. Turns out this particular Batmobile was the second one made in a series of five. There was a bunch more geek-speak that I almost immediately forgot, since I was driving at the time. Wish I could share more!

I wish I had this lever on my Dodge Dart. Maybe I can get one installed...


  1. Ahhh...the memories. That's a George Barris creation, built on the body of a '66 Ford Futura...I love that car!

  2. Glee!!!

    That is super cool. I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!


  3. great pics. I love this version of the batmobile! what a moment!

  4. Lucky lucky! That brings some old memories of my childhood...

  5. It was certainly a "crazy random happenstance!" Autobooks/Aerobooks is a great place to have this littel piece of history...


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