Thursday, December 3, 2009

News From the Nest

It's been a pretty eventful week around here. Finals are coming up, a research paper needs to be written (which will count as a final), dogs need walking, house needs cleaning... Oh, and did I mention the Bomb Squad showed up the other day?
Yup! A concerned citizen called the cops about a "suspicious package" (please, no dirty comments here!) left on top of the mailbox bank, so the Boys in Black brought along their little robot buddy to check it out. (You might be able to zoom in to see the little guy at work.)

Turns out it was only a box of books someone was too damn lazy to take to the Post Office, but at least the guys had a chance to play with their toys. It's a pretty quiet town, so I don't begrudge them the opportunity!


  1. Bomb Squad!!! Wow, that is exciting!!

    Good luck with the finals.


  2. Johny 5 Alive! Those bomb robots always make me think of the movie Short Circuit and Johny 5. Good luck with finals

  3. Wow, possible bomb in the middle of a nice neighborhood... and there are only two cop cars?!?! haha, in my town, the entire squad showed up... especially if you get pulled over for speeding here there is an average of 3 cars flashing behind you!

    Stay cool under all the pressure of the week!

  4. Apparently, there were a number of cop cars around the corner and blocking the intersections leading to my street-you just can't see them. I was at school. My neighbor took the pic!


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