Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Day

I woke up around 3:30AM for a minute and looked out the window of my bedroom to see this:
Though it may not be very visible from these pics, it's snow! Now, while all you Midwesterners and other snow aficionados can curl your lips and say, "So?" those of us who live in areas where we grow citrus crops don't usually get to see snow. In fact, I've been told it's been years since the snow line dropped this low, which is about 218 feet above sea level. Needless to say, we're not exactly prepared for this.
Our Shepherd, to my knowledge, has never seen snow, and once she had her morning piddle in it, she was ready to play. You can't see my other dog because, well, he's not a morning dog and was still in bed.
I'm pretty sure it'll be melted by the end of the day, but right now, it's fun! I might actually get to wear my Irish fisherman's sweater this Winter!


  1. Ah, that is just about the right amount of snow for this x-so cal girl!!

    Very pretty, thanks for snapping those picture for us!!

    And, very, very cute dog!!!


  2. Its gorgeous Shell, congratulations! This Texas girl rarely sees that white stuff either! (But ach! the poor roses!) :D

  3. I'm jealous in Florida! It was down to 40* the other day and we were all excited just to be able to wear sweaters and pants, it was 75 again today and 80 tomorrow.

  4. (*curls lip*) So??

    Just kidding! :D Enjoy your snow while it lasts. Although perhaps it won't be the last. I'm a Weather Network junkie at this time of year and the jet stream has apparently dipped as low as southern Texas. Keep the shovel nearby :)

  5. The snow had all melted off by noon, but some college kids and most of the schools north of me closed for the day. Fun to see, though. I hope I don't lose my citrus trees or my roses!

  6. We've had flurries, but won't expect a real snow fall here until tomorrow (though it could turn into a rain/sleet storm instead. Hooray).

  7. Well I am going to make some enemies so....I love the snow. I go out for a drive when it gets deep enough. But I also grew up with snow at this time of year. I even remember one time I went trick or treating with snow on the ground when I was a kid!

    Aahh.... The good old days....


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