Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Birthday Is Coming Up

I want one. I just find the music selection odd; it sounds like a modern "sensitive" porn soundtrack.

Hmm. Fog porn???


  1. As opposed to a "vintage" porn track? Now what would you know about the difference? I'm just saying... ;>


  2. DO WANT!
    I bet this unit costs a pretty penny!

  3. I can't believe you thought the music selection for this video was odd.... I mean.... Fog Porn - YES!

    ... it turned ME on...just sayin....


  4. Sci-fi porn music. Definitely.

    Look for this soundtrack on copies of "Blade Hummer" or "Logan's Bum" or "2001: a Space Orgy".

    (you don't have to post those in the comment if it's not appropriate for your blog!)

  5. Ghoulish Cop- Er-I've HEARD that's what it sounds like...
    GF-Witty, as always!
    MR.M, Dawn-What can I say? Fog porn and birthday prezzie, all wrapped in one!


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