Sunday, February 7, 2010

News From the Nest

Well, kids, one more day to enter the ginormous 100th Follower Giveaway, so if you haven't commented on the original post and want to be entered, do it!

On another subject entirely, Yours Truly is most likely going to move the blog to a more website-friendly format. If you've popped by my site and noticed there hasn't been any activity for a while, it's because I simply hate the templates I'm forced to choose from and I don't have enough computer knowledge to revamp everything myself. (HTML is not my native language!)

My intention is to put up some how-to pages and have a look similar to Spooky Blue's. His site looks very organized to me and is user-friendly, a necessity in this day and age. Of course, my limitations remain both money and time, but I need to get on the ball as I plan to sell buttloads of jack-o-lantern pots this season, as well as expand to some other pieces as well. I hope to do all of it off my site, but if not, I'll probably go with Etsy since, unfortunately, eBay didn't generate the sales I had hoped it would. Hopefully, I'll be more visible and have better results if I move to where I can sell more easily. I'm in the process of getting various and sundry licenses, and I hope to have those by 2012, if the red tape is particularly thin ;o). Seriously, though, I'm hoping to have those sorted out in a couple of months. California is a place that says it loves small business, yet it's horrifically difficult for small businesses to operate here due to permits and fees. I'm very lucky that Mr. ShellHawk tells me to just get the permits and not worry about anything else. I'll have to do something nice for him soon...

In all my copious amounts of spare time, I'd like to get a logo designed-one that will lend itself to being used as a stamp like this- or for stationery and t-shirts. Davis Graveyard has one that is simple, distinctive, and elegant, and I find myself drooling over the concept. House Bloodthorn has a great-looking one, too. I need to decide if I want one logo to be used for all the art I make-not just Halloween-related, but "normal" stuff too-or if I want two distinct logos-one for Halloween and one for everything else. It would be a good idea to create year-round income, and not get pigeonholed into being "just Halloween" during the off-season, just because there are folks out there with deep pockets who'd be more interested in collecting other types of art. Have I mentioned that staying focused is a problem for me? Along with overthinking things?


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  1. Ah, thanks for liking our logo....that is the extent of my drawing skills :) Doing what I do for a living I am keenly aware of the need for a clean/clear logo. No matter what you choose, keep that in mind. You will be happier in the long run (and cheaper) if the logo stays basic by attractive.

    Good luck with your art. I gave away two of your pumpkins as door prizes at my party and they went people want your stuff....just need to find the people. :) They are out there, you can bet on it.



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