Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The End

Of the semester, that is!

Just a few pics of some of the stuff that came out of the kiln at school this year.
I made this pitcher for a friend who lost a similar one in a fire. Unfortunately, the pitcher was in a cooler spot in the kiln, so the part that was supposed to be blue turned out purple. I sent her a note to ask if she wants it re-fired next semester, so we have another shot at the blue color, or if maybe she wants a different one made. We'll see what she decides.
I made three pitchers this semester. Well, technically, I made four, but I trashed the other one because it was truly awful.
 I had a lot of fun making this gargoyle pitcher. I'll be making more in the future, for certain!
I like how this one turned out somewhat mossy-looking.
This vase was made from porcelain, then I carved the design into it. The celadon glaze turned out perfectly, which was a blessing, since celadon can be anywhere from blue to pale green. I'm really very pleased with it.

I had a couple of larger plates, too, though I haven't taken pics of them as of yet. One of them really needs to be re-fired, as the glaze fluxed enough to start to flow, but not enough to allow the bubbles to smooth out. When bubbles cool, they can leave tiny shards of glaze that will continue to break off, something you definitely don't want to use for food!

I'll be posting these and one of my plates on my Etsy shop shortly, though if you want them by Christmas, you'll have to order them by Friday, as I'm closing the store for vacation Saturday!

Well, onwards!


  1. They are all stunning! I absolutely love the mossy pitcher, it just draws me in, must be the faint hint of trees in the pattern. Very nice!

  2. I love that mossy, sort of speckled one. that really came out stunningly well! the others are cool as well but that one is definitely my favorite!

  3. Love the gargoyle....

  4. Adore these. Thanks for sharing.


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