Saturday, December 31, 2011

ShellHawk: Back and Forth

So this is it: the last day of 2011. Looking back, it was something of a mixed bag, as are most years. There were some losses, some gains, and some personal growth-though not enough personal growth in terms of exterminating some of my bad habits. As I've said before, I'll be perfect next life! This one is still a work in progress.
Hauntcast. I've had a couple of eps come up on my iPod over the Christmas season, and found I miss it. The positive that comes out of it is that I'll actually have more time to make things and focus on my business. Being an adult is overrated, though...

I expanded my business this year, though I've been procrastinating on getting my numbers together. I'm getting a better sense of my market and the best methods for my sales: sales shoot through the roof when people can see and touch my art. Note to self: Spring open house is a must, and signing up for more art fairs is also a must.
I expanded my practical/technical knowledge of my craft this year. My pumpkin pots are better than ever, and I have some great new ideas for them for 2012.
"He's just so fluffy!"
Respect of my teacher and clay hero: I was pleasantly surprised my teacher commented that I really deserved my "A" this semester. Coming from him, that's high praise. I still have a long way to go, but at least someone who knows what they're doing thinks I'm on the right track.
My work was shown in an international ceramics show, and was purchased within 10 minutes of the show being open to the public. (Now if only I can get my current sculpture finished in time to submit for this year!)
My new puppy! Lots of joy and frustration (and expenses) involved, but worth it. Though while I was gone for Christmas holiday, he turned utterly evil and started to destroy things and actually decided that digging in the fireplace was a fun new sport. Apologies to my house sitter!

All in all the gains outweighed the losses, and really, that's all you can ask of a year. Indeed, sometimes the things we view as losses turn out to be opportunities in disguise.

Looking forward, I'd have to say that I'm going to be more focused on staying organized this year. I'm expanding the business a little more, so I'll have to actually figure out how to use my new phone's calendar or whatever to stay on top of deadlines. I'll especially have to keep up with the day-to-day bookkeeping, a task of which I've been neglectful because I hate it, pure and simple.
I'll probably have to scale back even more on my Hallowe'en prop building, because I'll need that time to actually make my business go. As I said on the last episode of Hauntcast, "Don't spend productive time on non-productive resources." In other words, if I want to make my business successful, I need to spend the bulk of my productive hours making that happen, not playing on Facebook or building props or whatever. I'll probably be posting less frequently, too. 
Again, being an adult is highly overrated.
There's a frightening sense of responsibility in knowing that my success (or lack of) in 2012 is almost entirely going to be a direct result of my actions.
There's also a growing sense of excitement.
So here's to an exciting (in a good way!) 2012 for all of us. I hope it brings you joy, health and prosperity!


  1. I agree that it sucks being a responsible adult sometimes!!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts this year and good luck with your business!!

    Happy New year!

  2. Love this post. I find the same problems in my business. Paperwork, oy.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I hate being an adult. It's not as fun as I thought it was going to be. But that is why we have Halloween,right?

    Hope you and Mr. ShellHawk have a Happy New Year and hope your business really starts taking off.

  4. well, you sure sound like you know how you're going to make this business work for you but I'm sure gonna' miss the hauntcast stuff, all the Halloween blogging and your prop building progress pics, my friend. best of luck to you.

  5. Thanks, All!
    I'm not going away forever, per se, I'm just scaling back on my posting so I can get some stuff done!


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