Friday, June 1, 2012

Hauntcast (and Ape) is in da House!

Christmas Ape, kickin' it in the hotel, and resting for a big day with his fans!
It's the first day of West Coast Haunters Convention, and can I just share with you what a wonderful job Ed Roberts, the Davis Graveyard crew and everyone who is attached to this young haunters convention has done and is doing for us? I heard from several of the crew yesterday, "Please let me know if you need any help with anything!" and let me tell you, they really mean it!

I needed extra tablecloths. No problem. An extra table. No problem! Help with a couple of very minor issues. No problem! Taken care of with a big smile! 

I. Am. In. Love. With this convention!

The Bloodshed Brothers came in last night, so we got a chance to sit and catch up. For those of you who have seen Jeromy's girl, Olivia, on the Blood Vlogs, I just want to tell you, she actually is that pretty (and thin! But I'm not jealous at all! :oP) and a really sweet, witty, and down to earth kind of gal. (Jer- don't blow it! ;o)) 

It was so fantastic to see everyone last night! I am already having so much fun, and the convention doesn't even start until 9:00AM today.

Oh, crap! That means I need to go get ready! See y'all later!

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