Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stuff 'n' Things

Choker by sillycut on Etsy!
I made a new Etsy Treasury you might want to check out; lots of great and unusual Hallowe'en things!
And I'm still waiting to see if a couple people will step up so I can do a giveaway of one of my hand-made jack-o'-lanterns.

'Cause I needs me some new followers, and bribery always seems to be the most effective means to that end! :o)

There will be some new creations in the shop this season, by the way. I'm currently working on a porcelain punch bowl with ten matching cups. If it turns out the way I'd like, it will be stunning!

Oh, and that blur in the upper right of that picture with the jacks? That's my female German Shepherd who get herself sprayed by a skunk last night. I am off to finish de-skunking everything I can get my hands on. Mr. ShellHawk keeps saying he can't smell anything. I keep thinking, "Please, stop rubbing it in!"

So much for my studio day I had planned! Now where's that carpet shampooer?

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