Thursday, December 13, 2012


So I have a bit of a dilemma and I wanted your input.

A gal promised to buy the last of my jack-o'-lanterns for this season, which you see pictured above. As yet, she hasn't been able to do so, and has had to push back the purchase date twice. (She truly does have a valid reason.) Before I left on vacation, she had mentioned she'd buy them when I got back, no hurry, they'd just be in storage for the year, anyway.

Today I got a note saying to hold them (again) until the end of the month. I sighed regretfully and said that I'd need to sell the jacks because I need the cash, and I'd touch base with her at the end of the month and let her know what was left over. I got a note back saying it wasn't fair, and that they wouldn't sell in December, anyway.

So here's the dilemma: do I hold onto these for another month, or are there any buyers for these guys? I would need a real commitment to buy them. They'd run around $45 to $50, shipping included, and I'd need to get them shipped out before I leave for L.A. next Tuesday.

Any takers? Please leave a comment with your opinion, if nothing else. If you do want one, let me know which one you want. The one on the far left is already promised, but the others are available (the small red one will run for $28 with shipping.).

The third from the left and third from the right are now spoken for, in addition to the one on the far left.


  1. I normally wouldn't buy one right now (not because I don't want one right now, but because I'm more focused on baking, etc, at the moment), but you've been jerked around so much that I will. Delaying once is understandable and twice is really pushing it, but three times is unacceptable. She says you're being unfair, but I think delaying the purchase three time is far more so.

    Plus, I want to prove that Halloween-obsessed people will buy pumpkins year-round. :)

  2. I think you've been more than generous by not selling them and trying to work with her situation. It's more than any retail store would do, that's certain. Especially when it's not your problem, it's hers.

    Try walking into a Best Buy and telling them to put an item on hold for 3 months...they'd laugh you right out of the store.

    I say sell them. She should relate to needing money, since she obviously doesn't have any of her own to purchase them. Plus she's being immature by insinuating that your products won't sell, somehow making her the only person to want to purchase your "unsellable" items.

    So in closing, screw her! Sell your wares and make that Holiday cash that we all so desperately need.

  3. We'll take the evil looking one, third from the right

  4. Folks, please send me an email to shellhawksnest (at) yahoo dawt calm with your name and shipping address, too, so I can get these out to you. Just be sure to post which one you want here and remind me in the email. I'll let you know where to send payment and how much!


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