Saturday, June 8, 2013

Catching Up

On the left, two plates I made for Jeff Davis, of Davis Graveyard.
The Monster is the latest addition.
These last few weeks have been crazy. West Coast Haunters Convention, getting my Charmed Pot segment done for Hauntcast, going on part-time job interviews and actually landing a job have all taken away from valued studio time (although West Coast Haunters was a welcome break!).

West Coast Haunters Convention was a bit of a mixed bag for me, but not because of the convention or the people there. They were all fantastic, and if I didn't hate being in rain for five months out of the year, I would love to move up to Oregon!

It was what wasn't there that sucked. Namely, everything I made for West Coast Haunters!

That's right. Nothing I made showed up on time. 

A month of long days and one day off, and the USPS didn't deliver until after the convention was over. Oh, and did I mention I had shipped everything Priority Mail?

I was glad I had booked my stay a little bit longer to play with the Davis Graveyard crew and haunt legends Leonard and Jeanne Pickel of HauntCon and Hauntrepreneurs fame, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have known what was going on! Fortunately, I got tracking info on all the packages, so I saw they had arrived at the hotel and was able to talk to the concierge about how to handle the situation. I cut open the bottom of one of the boxes so I could take out the Monster plate I had made for Jeff Davis as a surprise gift. Unfortunately, all the sales I had depended upon to get booth fees and supplies for my next show didn't happen. Just plain old bad luck, I guess!

Mr. ShellHawk and I had been talking about my getting a part-time job for a month or two, so I could cover more of my business expenses (and start putting away for the hearse of my dreams!). I had put in a couple of applications, but hadn't heard back because the jobs were already filled. Then my hair dresser called and told me one of her clients was looking for someone. We touched base and met up at a coffee place nearby for the initial interview. (I told Mr. ShellHawk I was going to interview like Ted, from the movie -link not safe for work, btw- he laughed... I was half-serious, even though I didn't do it...) I was pretty much hired then, but we didn't formalize it until I got back from the con.

So now I'm working for a company that does patio covers and I feel totally out of my depth. The up side? At least if I screw up and get fired, I'll be able to pay off my trip and maybe put a little aside for the new kiln while I look for something else! My only concern at this point is that the job, which is supposed to be around twenty hours a week, is going to turn into something full time, at which point, I'll have to talk to my new (very nice!) boss. I just can't have a full-time, crazy-busy job and have the energy and time to get all my work done for my ceramics business. I have some commissions to do and a couple of shows for which to prepare, and time is absolutely a consideration! I am glad I'll have some cash coming in, though. I'm very grateful!

Although, truth to tell, I'm still holding out for that big Lotto win...

But today, it's off to the Barbera Festival! Maybe I'll post some pics...


  1. Congrats on the job my dear!!! Woohoo. And it is always a pleasure to spend time with you. The Frog Queen has the best friends!!!


  2. Oh no...about your work not showing up. Yay for getting the new job. Will some of the work that didn't make it to Hauntcon be going up on etsy soon? We wanted to make Hauntcon but it was out of the running this year.

    1. I'm hoping to get it physically in my hands this week. It's not back from West Coast Haunters as of yet. But yes, I hope to start getting it posted after it arrives! :)


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