Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top Five, No Six, No-- Um-- Reasons I'm Glad of My Part-Time Job

Image via Open Salon. I so want to do something like this!

I survived the first week of work after four years of not having to be at a job. (Yes, I'm spoiled. No, I am not sorry!) It was busy and crazy, and it's brand new to me, so I'm terrified of screwing up. I will also have to manage my time much better so I can make things for upcoming shows!

But I'm glad I have it. Here are my top five six ten eleven reasons for being grateful for my part-time job:
  1. Money to go into my kiln fund, which includes the electrician.
  2. Money for glazes, clay, and other materials I need.
  3. Money to train my dog to do fun, cool things.
  4. Money to go into my dream hearse fund.
  5. Plenty of money to buy pumpkins to carve for Hallowe'en 2013.
  6. Money for a couple more Buckys, because a girl can't have too many skeletons.
  7. Money (maybe) to pay someone to make some three-axis skulls and routines for me.
  8. Money to further train my dog to do fun and cool things.
  9. Money to pay a bartender for the Hallowe'en party.
  10. Money to pay for the expansion pack for the Hallowe'en party.
  11. Money to pay for website design! Hooray!
Hmm... Might have to cut down on the expenditures a little...

Oh, and? I've been Pinning, today. Check out my Jack-o'-lantern collection on Pinterest!

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