Friday, August 16, 2013

Brian Wolfe

If you're a haunter following this blog, you may have run across the Wolfe brothers. I actually had the pleasure of meeting them both at the first West Coast Haunters Convention, and was floored by their mad special effects makeup skills and the fact that they were all around great guys!
Unfortunately, Brian got cancer last year and he and his family are having a rough time because of it. Here's the story:
Identical twins Nick and Brian Wolfe grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and started their epic journey into the world of special effects makeup. They share inborn enthusiasm for art and illusion that has fueled their meteoric rise in the world of face art, body painting and special effects make-up.They travel the world sharing their ideas, teaching others and helping them accomplish their dreams.

Brian has been married for 13 years to his devoted wife, Dara and they have an 12 year old daughter, Trinity. Both who are his life and biggest supporters.

July 2012, Brian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has knocked him off his feet and is threatening his life. While Brian undergoes treatment he is unable to work. His wife, who has stood by his side for over a dozen years is needed by his side now more than ever.
We are asking you to help the Wolfe family in any way you can. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to help with day to day expenses so Brian can focus on healing and living his dream once again.

The Wolfe family is so blessed to have such caring family, friends and fans and is extraordinarily grateful for the continued support.
For those who may be wondering, I am Dara's sister and I am close to both her and Brian. Dara and Brian are both aware of this page and the support we are asking for. This page has been a group effort put together by our entire family. We greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
If you have a couple of bucks to throw their way, I know they'd be greatly appreciative. Pancreatic cancer is a nasty and expensive demon to fight, and they need all the help they can get!

Donate to Brian Wolfe here.

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