Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've been locked up in the studio (when I haven't been at work) and hadn't had a chance to get out to see who has Hallowe'en in their stores, yet. Yesterday, I headed over to Costco to fill up on gas and decided to see if they had anything in, particularly the inexpensive skeletons they had last year.

Not only did they have them, they were almost out of them!

Of course, I bought two. :) A girl can never have enough skeletons!

I've gotten back to making some jacks, again. I've been getting inquiries, already, so I wanted to have some to sell in the ShellHawk's Creations store on Etsy. I'm not sure how many I'll have this year, but the good news is, I may have someone to help do some glazing (the orange and yellow jacks take a long time to glaze because of all the layers and cleanup that's needed for them!), so I may be able to kick out a bunch of them.

Oh, and I found another great board on Pinterest for your Hallowe'en inspiration. Check this out!

O.k. Out to the studio to trim some bowls and maybe some jacks!


  1. I saw those at Costco too! Want one ...

    -Anonymouse Anne

  2. Replies
    1. $35.00 and change. A really good deal! They will definitely make an appearance in the haunt, this year!

  3. Nice! I wish I had (or knew someone) a Costco membership!


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