Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween and Vine: Creeping Ever Closer!

It's been insane. There have been eighteen-hour days between my studio and my day job, bottles of underglaze gone through, hundreds of pounds of clay used by me and reconstituted by a crew of the most wonderful friends I could ever have! And studio work isn't the only thing going on before the show!

Mr. ShellHawk was gracious enough to volunteer to help me with Halloween and Vine. The show coordinators have encouraged us to wear costumes during the show to make things more fun and festive, but Mr. ShellHawk politely declined when I asked. He felt he needed to be comfy, and most costumes make my polar bear of a guy too hot.

Coincidentally (or maybe not) my boss at my day job asked me to drop off some messenger bags to get the company logo printed on them. I had just gotten my logo back from Ballistic Designs, and the shopkeeper at the embroidery place was so sweet, I couldn't not do a shirt for him! After debating the t-shirt route, I decided to go with something a little more upscale for him.

Bill, my designer, re-sized and simplified the logo for embroidery and sent it back to me. I took it to the embroidery place for them to send it off to be digitized for their machines and waited a day (only a day!) for it to come back for approval. By the time I got there, Jeannie had whipped up a sample for me to see. We fiddled with it a bit, and she psychically knew I was thinking about lightening up the purple and wanted to ditch one of the other colors for  the sake of clarity, so took care of that for me. I came back the next day to see another sample, and we were good to go!

I came back the day after that and was just dancing with delight at how it turned out!
The dog hair was generously donated when the shirt came home.
 Mr. ShellHawk got his gift later that night, and tried out his Superhero pose to test the comfort of the shirt. It passed! ;)
We took a few pics to send to Bill, so he could see how nicely it turned out.
The Monty Python finger point was executed perfectly!
Oh, and then there's the tutu I ordered made, but that's a story for another day...

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