Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween and Vine: Long Overdue Post!

This pic represents 99% of the artists and their helpers at Halloween and Vine.
Fine, good-looking bunch, eh? :)
I should have posted this Monday, but you know how it goes! The frantic, seasonal run from one task, to the next and the next after that. Posting to Etsy takes awhile, what with taking pics and resizing them, etc., etc.

The weekend started out with setup, then a quick check-in to the hotel (plus a quickly-slammed Lemon Drop), then back to Hermann Sons Hall for the Artist's Reception dinner. We had but one task: make a centerpiece with what was on the table or the room (and eat and drink!).... We did. It was a fun ice-breaker!
Mr. ShellHawk even joined in!
The next day was nerves before the opening, but the group photo op loosened us up and got us united!
 Mr. ShellHawk helped to arrange the stock, and since he has a good eye for form and color, I let him go to town with that!
He did a really great job setting up and in helping me to run the booth. I was so grateful, especially considering he has a stressful "real job" to think about right now! 
Yes, I'm making cake plates. Keep an eye on the store for more!
The show itself was well-organized and just fantastic! I am so glad I was included in this wonderful group of very, very talented artists! Especially Chicken Lips!
His booth was so full at the beginning of the day, and nearly empty at the end! I was so glad for him!

I got to meet Melissa Valeriotte, too. She is a fun and sweet woman, as well as dedicated to her art! Check out her darling critters:
It's going to be a blast, going next year. I can't wait. I mean, art and Hallowe'en? What an awesome marriage!


  1. Looks like a splendid time was had! Thanks for the photos....lots of cool stuff there.
    I find that after an event I need a few days to come down from the high and organize my thoughts.
    I love your display shelves.....coffins?!

  2. The kind of place where it's hard not to have a good time :)


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