Saturday, February 1, 2014

At Last, Some Good News!

I was wicked happy to find this year's Halloween and Vine invitation in my in-box this week. Since life has been frighteningly close to a country song since last October, this little bit of good news was eagerly received! I've been rolling ideas around in my head; now I've got to make some sketches and get to bringing them to life.

Sketches. I'm terrible at doing sketches. I mean, the sketches themselves are fine, I just seldom do them. I need to start getting into the habit a bit more, although having a piece in front of me, waiting for decoration like a blank canvas is fun. I'll look at it for a bit and decide what will look best, although I usually have an idea of what I want to do when I start throwing. Maybe I'll ask Rot if I can do a few plates with his "Begging For Candy" cartoons on them...

I find myself inspired by images such as this one by Katie Alves on Deviant Art:
That is some gorgeous black light makeup! 

Is anyone else tickled about how the creative bug has bitten the Hallowe'en community, and the technical support that has kept just ahead of it?

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