Friday, February 7, 2014

The Week's Highlights: Good, Bad, Ugly, and Weird

This week I:

  1. Started walking in a normal shoe for the first time since December 11. I'm a bit achy, but otherwise I seem to be doing o.k. I also started driving again. Yay, me! (I celebrated by going clothes, shoe, and makeup shopping.) Next surgery: February 27, to take the screw out of my foot and do the surgery on the other foot. More fun than you could possibly imagine!
  2. Wrote my Charmed Pot segment for Hauntcast, which drops today! (The Bloodshed Brothers are on the show this time so, HOORAY!) Got it recorded and edited, only to find my internet was having trouble. It took a long time to send to Chris Baker so he could put the show together. Oh, well.
  3. Broke out the graded background and started taking pictures of my work. Not bad.
  4. Had a Dark-eyed Junco fly into my window yesterday. I ran out to pick it up so the dogs wouldn't get to it and it died in my hand. Sad panda. :(
  5. Started throwing a bunch of shallow bowls so I could trim them today, allowing time for them to dry this week while I'm gone. Made a couple of cups for good measure.
  6. Cleaned house and avoided writing my Grandmother's memorial, which I have to do today after I get those dishes trimmed. 
  7. During house cleaning, washed all of the dog beds, only to have my youngest projectile vomit on one less than five minutes after I put the bed back together. I got to wash that one again. And the rug. And the floor.
  8. Took two of the dogs to the groomer for the first time, since I can't risk them stepping on me. Got good reports on both! Yay!
Still to do: pack for my trip to L.A. for my Oma's memorial, which is a week from tomorrow. Get a present picked out and wrapped for a good friend for tonight's birthday party for her. See if I have time to take some more pictures.

It will be a very busy day, today!

1 comment:

  1. Nice red plate/bowl!
    Sorry for your loss, your Oma (and the little bird).



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