Wednesday, April 16, 2014

America's ClayFest is This Weekend!

Well, it's upon me, already! America's ClayFest will be opening in Roseville, California at the Blue Line Arts Gallery on Saturday. My piece, "The Most Interesting Jackalope in the World," was selected for this prestigious international ceramic art show, and I've really been looking forward to it.
Unfortunately, there's been a hitch.

I had to ship my piece FedEx. And, during the wrapping process, they broke it. My bad shipping karma seems to be perfectly intact. In speaking with the gallery (who have been fantastic about communicating and sending pictures, even though they're in the middle of trying to set up a show), they let me know that in spite of all my requests at to how this piece was to be packed, all those requests were ignored. The reason I had them wrap it is because if something like this happened, they'd be responsible. I also insured it, though now I'm told the amount for which it was insured is not what they'll cover. Of course, I beg to differ, since nno one told me that at the time I insured the piece. I will fight them tooth and nail on this.

 I am hoping the gallery will be able to repair it. The reality is, though, that even if they can, no one will buy a piece that's had this kind of damage. 

The crushing disappointment, of course, is the opportunity lost. This show only happens once a year, is juried, and there's no guarantee I'll be chosen next year. I felt like crying all day.

Fortunately, no day which starts off with bad news is a complete waste. I got the good news that I've been accepted to Scare LA, and will probably teach some kind of class while I'm there. (Not sure what, as of yet!) I'm looking forward to this new show, and started on the new crop of jacks yesterday. I'll pop into the studio and get some more stuff done today, as well. I've got some ideas for some new things, plus some re-vamping of old things.

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  1. That sucks that your piece got broken - that was really great!


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