Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hauntcast 58 - Ash Wednesday

Sorry to have disappeared this week! My nephew and my sister-in-law came for a visit and we've been spending a bunch of quality time together, and all around having a blast!

Meanwhile, the new Hauntcast has come out!

HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW:The Propmaster’s winner of best indoor haunt in 2008 and best how-to in 2009, longtime haunter Noah Fentz of Katzper’s Haunt hangs out (from the rafters) in the dungeon.
BONE PHONE:Roger Hayes crank dials Chris on the Bone Phone to pimp his Kickstarter campaign for“Home Haunting for Mere Mortals” how-to book.
GHOULIE GROOVES:Taking you by the hand and leading you Hellbound, Canadian rockers The Creepshow bury Chris alive after they marry the Devil’s Son
SHOCKTAILS:JT and Chris fall off their bar stools after consuming cases of IPA while blathering about the plethora of horror movies dropping this month as well as reviewing Patrick
THE MARKETING MORGUE:Mr. Terhune gets the munchies for Cookies of Evil and how Girl Scout cookie marketing relates to your haunt.
THEATER OF THE MINDRevenant notices that some of the spookiest stuff out there can be remembered from our own childhoods… and that ain’t no fairy tale
THE CHARMED POT:Frankenfooted Shellhawk hobbles into the Mystery Machine and drives back into time to pull the mask off our favorite Horror related cartoons from our past.
THE PROP SHOP:Denny gives his past two years as Hauntcast’s prop guy a reach around and climaxes with his final prop building tips.
TERROR TURNPIKE:Vysther road trips to Creepy World in Revenant’s backyard, Saint Louis
MAD PROPS FOR PROPS:The creative mind behind the Garage of Terror is opened up and laid bare with James’ Brain-pan Head Dissection prop, 1st place winner in Haunt Forum’s 2013 propbuilder’s challenge.
PLUS!Sponsor Asylum Coffin hooks up two lucky minions with a Hearth Coffin.Congrats to winners Shelly Madden and Robert Wolf!
Next month is the last month I'll be doing a Charmed Pot segment, as Chris has decided to feature only the original three Scream Team members on the final episode of Hauntcast, which will be free. It feels strange to be winding the show down for a second time. There's no doubt that I'll miss it!

Anyway, enjoy!

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