Friday, May 16, 2014

Finally Friday

It's been a busy week here at the nest. West Coast Haunters Convention started yesterday, and I donated a jack-o'-lantern to the auction they're doing for the charity for which the convention is held: The Oregon School for the Deaf.

Of course, since I couldn't make it because of my foot, a heavy production schedule and a heavy travel schedule, Chris Ape had to go, too! His friends at Davis Graveyard had invited him and offered to host him, so he went along with the jack-o'-lantern.
I have to admit to being wicked jealous of Ape. He got to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the crew from the Davis Graveyard, and I didn't!
Ape being protected from the rain during the show...
Afterward, he hit Bar 13 with the gang, and apparently was doing a little bartending for them. If I were them, I'd be a bit concerned about the Rufalin factor...
Meanwhile, back at the home front, our friends at Oak Park Brewing Company are working hard at the construction of the interior space! They got an inspection out of the way this week, and are ready  to pour concrete where the brewing tanks are going to go. 
 I was busy at work at the Most Expensive Craft Table in the World, underglazing greenware to go into a bisque firing.
 I started a kiln load of decals to test them out and see how they'd look. I get to open the kiln tomorrow and find out!
 And the bittersweet moment of my dreams realized, then crushed, again, happened yesterday.
 The new kiln arrived! Hooray!
New kiln base with my little workhorse next to it.
Being assembled, piece by piece!
 The fully assembled kiln! Yay!

Then we turned it on. It worked... and then my breaker flipped. And I discovered one not-so-small fly in the ointment.

I don't have enough juice to run the thing. 

Totally my bad. I thought I heard we had a 60 amp breaker and the right wiring from the box to the garage, which are on opposite sides of the house from each other. That was not the case. So now, in order to use it, I have to get the wiring into the garage, which may cost another several thousand dollars I really don't have right now, since I got laid off in January and I'm still not able to work, yet.


All the stuff I had planned to get done for Scare LA and for Halloween and Vine? Distinct possibility I won't get it done. To say that I was "in a mood" yesterday is to make a massive understatement.

Oh, well. I'll figure out how to get this done. It's certainly not the end of the world!


  1. That sucks! About the amperage, I mean. Still, you are a big step forward in terms of your goals, right? I can't wait to see how the decals turned out :)

    1. I got mixed results with the firing. Some were acceptable, some pretty faded-looking and almost unrecognizable. I think I need to drop the temp another couple of cones and I'll have it!


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