Friday, May 2, 2014

Hauntcast 59 - Deep 13

Our penultimate show is ready for those wonderful folks who subscribed to Hauntcast and kept the show going for the last couple of years. 

This is my last episode! *sniff, sniff* And I want to tell those folks who did listen and who brought us back from the dead, how much I appreciate them. Thanks, guys. It's been a great run!

So here's what's on the slab for the next-to-last show:

HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW:Robert Beech from Brandywine Cemetery pops into the dungeon and oddly enough doesn’t bring any brandy wine. Chris & Gina Leslie from Grave Rock Gulch also stop by and throw a hoedown in the dungeon… good thing she didn’t get hurt.
GHOULIE GROOVES:All the walkers are lining up to get a taste of our musical guests “The Brains”
SHOCKTAILS:JT & Chris suffer from drinking elbow as they slam down Shocktails while reviewing Afflictedand Wolf Creek 2
THE MARKETING MORGUE:Dick bestows his final words of wisdom with the Three I’s before closing up the morgue.
THEATER OF THE MINDAll things vile and terrible, all villains great and small… Rev looks at backstory through haunted bifocals and sees nightmares of every size and scope.
THE CHARMED POT:Chris slips into the Charmed Pot with Shellhawk to bid her farewell.
THE PROP SHOP:Chris talks Denny down from the ledge as he is already suffering from separation anxiety.
TERROR TURNPIKE:Vysther cruises into Chicago on fumes to review his last haunt The Asylum Xperimnet in Villa Park.

Once again, please let me know if you'd like to order ShellHawk's Creations t-shirts. I'll be doing pre-orders only if there's enough interest!

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