Friday, September 5, 2014

You Learn Something New Every Day

This morning, I was going through my emails, when a AAA Member Deal came up for Rosetta Stone.

Me: I wonder if they have Rosetta Stone for Klingon?
Mr. ShellHawk: I don't know.

I checked. They do.
Of course, everything worth buying is over at Think Geek, including "Learn to Speak Klingon."

Loving the product description, too:


Rosetta Stone - Learn to Speak Klingon
Klingon may be a difficult language for humans to wrap their smooth heads around, but it's made even more complicated by the constant threat that saying the wrong thing might accidentally land you in a battle to the death. And that's why you need the comprehensive Learn to Speak Klingon course from Rosetta Stone.
You never want to find yourself in a position where you're flipping through a copy of Introduction to Klingon Grammar, trying to sound fluent in front of a group of native speakers with photon torpedoes. This complete Klingon software package will enable you to express your thoughts safely and effectively in Klingon and master the conversational skills required to conduct negotiations, request medical assistance, and partake in the rich Klingon culture.
Why Rosetta Stone? Rosetta Stone is the world's most popular and most advanced program for learning a new language. Having helped millions of learners from around the world, Rosetta Stone is uniquely situated to be able to broaden the reach of the Klingon language so that it can become truly universal.
Rosetta Stone® - Learn to Speak Klingon
  • Everything you need for conversational Klingon
  • Compatible with Windows XP+ and OS X+
  • Requires CD-Rom drive and headset with microphone
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Master the use of inflected prefixes and situational suffixes
  • Let our speech recognition technology improve your pronunciation
  • Don't sully your reputation by sounding like a hur'q
  • Package includes
    • Language software that will take you from simple greeting to arguing about sports over a bottle of Bloodwine
    • Live conversation sessions with native speakers (guaranteed to be from Beta Quadrant)
    • Language-enhancing games
    • Free, downloadable mobile companion app
And of course, there's a commercial! (Click on the pic to watch.)
I think it's wonderful, how accessible learning a new language is these days!


  1. :) 'Tis an April Fools prank, but a good one. Note the "offer not available on Earth" at the end of the video.

    1. Drat! Foiled again!

      But I would totally buy it, just so I could insult a few choice people without their knowing... ;)


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