Wednesday, February 11, 2015

News From the Nest

You may have noticed how scarce I've been lately. Or not, because I'm not really all that interesting! ;)

The truth is, the new year has brought slightly more than the usual activity. I'm doing a large amount of "grown-up" stuff. Tax season is here, Mr. ShellHawk and I are estate planning, we had two fences blow down in storms which happened a couple of months apart, one of the dogs had to go to the vet. Throw in physical therapy for my shoulder, and follow-up visits to the surgeon, too. I still have to sit down and get a business plan together! 

Oh, and I got a new job, much better paying than the last one, and with people who seem at first blush to be really nice. I start tomorrow. (I may be able to start saving for the hearse I want! W00T!)

And of course, there was a new episode of The Charmed Pot to do for Hauntcast. I'm really looking forward to the new edition of the show. I've been missing everyone's contributions!
So, overall, good things are happening! Hooray!

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