Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stuff and Things

It's been quite the week here at the nest! I started my new job last week, but Mr. ShellHawk brought a plague home from his work and I was home sick with it the first few days of this week. Not the first impression I wanted to make, that's for sure. Even so, my new boss was very understanding and grateful I didn't infect her during her busy season. I went in Thursday and Friday, partially because I was feeling marginally better, partially because I just couldn't be away from a brand new job, and partly because I couldn't stand one more day of sitting on the couch, watching TV!

Scare LA just announced pre-event ticket sales start Monday, with the first hour of sales to be marked down up to 75%! So if you're interested in going, you might want to look into that right away. Click here for details and to be added to their mailing list to be notified of when the sale starts.

In the studio, I just opened the kiln today to discover---everything was perfect! No shivering, no unwanted crackling, no bubbles! Since a few of the pieces are gifts to be given tonight, I won't post pics right now, but I will be, soon. Nothing like seeing gifts turn out exactly the way you wanted them!

If things go as planned, this could be a new product line I can make for "the rest of the year," i.e., not Halloween. My new job is going to allow me to pay someone to help with doing some of the tasks which are time-consuming and take me away from the "making" part. The more time I can spend in the studio, getting that done, the better. Ultimately, I would like to make enough through my sales to quit the job, but that's a ways off, yet. In the meantime, I'm grateful to have it, and to work with some very nice people!

And if you missed it, Hauntcast has a new episode out, and all past episodes are free for download. But be cool, and see if you can throw a few bones our way, even if it's only $5. 

After all, even the great Pumpkinrot listens to Hauntcast! :D

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